Now On Nite Flirt!

My Nite Flirt Listing:

Are you too far away to serve me in person?

Or perhaps you’re not quite ready to experience a traditional BDSM appointment face to face with a living, breathing Dominatrix…

Or maybe still, you just can’t get enough of me and need a little “refresher” in between visits….

Well, hold on dear pets because I’m now available on Nite Flirt!

Now, I should say, if you see the “accepting phone calls” icon on my website, don’t rush off to call me right away. Everything is by appointment only – this can be a short notice appointment, but I will not just be waiting by the phone.

To schedule a phone session….

You may call or email (victoria.rage@yahoocom) to set a time and date.

My availability will be the same as my website, typically 10am-Midnight 5 days per week.

Payment is not handled by me at all, everything is worked through NF and is billed discreetly.

When you call, do make sure you are polite, punctual and ready to communicate. I am only adding this “service” because I’m quite verbal and enjoy the back and forth of traditional BDSM. If you are NOT a communicative partner (ie. You want ME to be the only one talking) our conversation will be short.

I’ll be adding to my listing here as often as possible – future updates will be humiliation assignments, cbt games, financial domination/black mail, and erotic hypnosis recordings. Stay tuned for updates, but in the meantime, enjoy the new accessibility!


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