“Is all BDSM painful?”

  I’m a fulfiller of fantasies; a sadist, a sensualist, a hedonist and all around self gratifying individual. Those who know me well are probably laughing quietly over how very true that really is. I wear those badges proudly because accepting the simple fact that I love pleasure has brought me unspeakable peace. I don’t fight it and I certainly don’t question it. With that, I’ve found I have a drive to share the freedom I feel with others. My medium is domination…. It just so happens that I am a lot of people’s first…

Hello incredibly sexy and gorgeous Victoria! Do you prefer mornings or late evenings? What time of day finds you the most dominant and what are your moods during those times? Also what is the best time for CD experience or abduction (your interests list).

I don’t have certain times during the day where I feel more or less dominant, however I do adjust my schedule according to my level of energy. Anytime between 10am-Midnight would be fine for the session decribed, I tend to stay pretty focused all day and all night. Ask me anything

What is the most pain You have ever inflicted on a slave? (i confess i get my greatest thrill being dragged past thresholds/limits by a Domme thoroughly enjoying Herself…)

I recently enjoyed a very heavy corporal session that included plenty of caning, single tail, lexan paddling and ball busting…..BUT when I’m inflicting pain, it’s not a matter of "the harder the better" for me. It’s about my partner’s response to the pain that brings me the most pleasure. Ask me anything

A sneak peek of my dungeon…

I’m an incurable tease and you all seem to be quite curious about my new space, so… Here’s a grainy cell phone photo of one corner of the downstairs playroom taken from the upstairs. Use the mirrors in the shot to see a little more, but if you want the full viewing, it will have to be in person. There, now let that be the end of emails asking for such photos!