A message from my BALL BUSTING visitor…


Hi Lovely Victoria:
So sorry for not getting back to you earlier but it was a crazy end of the week and I was letting my worked over balls “ripen” a little before I reported back.

Naturally my balls were pretty sore the next day and the day after (I had that nice dull ache that I like) but not as bad as I had thought considering the vigor and energy you put into busting them.  I loved the passion you had, not to mention that great evil look in your eyes, when you went after them.  Excellent!!

The balls were pretty bruised on the bottom and there were a couple of really nice welts but once again my balls didn’t look as bad as I thought they might.  I didn’t take a picture the next day, Thursday, thinking they may get a little more bruised looking by Friday.  Unfortunately they didn’t get any more bruise, in fact they might have healed slightly.  I took a series of pictures Friday morning for you and attached 3 of them to this email.

 The first picture is a close up of the bruised area, the second one is a shot of the bruised area from a little further away, and the 3rd picture is a close up of one of the welts.  I wasn’t going to send them since the pictures don’t do your work justice since my balls are a little worse off (or better off from a damaged perspective) than the pictures show.  However since you asked for them here they are.

I loved our time together.  For a first session it was great fun and I thought we connected really well.  Your talent and skill goes hand-in-hand (no pun intended) with your beauty.

Thinking of You and Feeling You, i.e. your Excellent Work, with Fond Memories,


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2 Thoughts to “A message from my BALL BUSTING visitor…”

  1. Peter Small

    Ohh, i am SO envious of this lucky, lucky man, Domina Victoria. At least i have the privilege of living vicariously through him. Thank You so very much for sharing Your gift for Sublime Sadism and Your incredible gift for the written word with Your adoring fans.

  2. scottie

    how did the balls get busted? kicks, spanks or punches?

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