6 comments on “Sentenced to Electrocution….

  1. Thank you very much,

    Reading this post just made my morning. How I wish I could be found guilty in such a manner. Please never stop your good work. Thoughts from your devious intellect are incredibly erotic. Someday I will meet you…


  2. Please permit me to also express my gratitude, Domina Victoria, for Your infinitely precious gifts. From Your wickedly flawless flair for irresistible sadism to Your talent for bringing such sublime scenarios to life, to Your viciously vivacious beauty, You make more slaves worldwide pine for travel to Seattle than You realize. It is because of You that i feel a greater adoration of s&m than ever before.

    Kneeling in awe,

  3. One final comment on an older post. Having read this post of yours many times, I wonder if you would be willing to do a lighter shorter version of this scene for a semi-newbie that is afraid that it would be too intense as posted? I would still want to turn myself over to your ministrations without a safeword, only asking that you go a little easy the first time around. I can’t help being drawn to the electricity and the anal aspects of this scenario. Thank You.


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