Sentenced to Electrocution….

Alright my deviant darlings… You’ve been begging, whining and emailing for me to get back to writing about the kinky things I do in session here in this little blog, and who am I to deny you?

So without further ado, here is a little glimpse into a roleplay scene I will be performing in the not so distant future.


“The prisoner will stand for sentencing!” the bailiff ordered. He  stood as the courtroom hushed and all waited expectantly. The judge put on her spectacles and scowled at him from the bench.

“It is the sentence of this court that you be executed by means of an electrode  placed  on your cock and other such means as the executioner may see fit; Sentence to be completed at 10pm tonight. Court dismissed.” The courtroom erupted in pandemonium as he was escorted out.

He was immediately whisked off to a holding cell where he was stripped and his hands cuffed behind him. At precisely 8:30pm two guards came to the cell and opened it to escort him to THE ROOM. Once inside THE ROOM, the heavy steel door was closed and locked. His hands were freed and he was made to lie on a large leather covered table. The guards spread his ankles to the edges of the table and began strapping him down. Straps were secured around his ankles, at his knees, and at the tops of his thighs.  His wrists were pulled to the edges of the table at his waist and strapped down. Straps were placed around his elbows and at his upper arms just below his shoulders. Longer straps were run over his torso, one at his navel and another just below his shoulders. When the guards had finished he could move nothing more than his fingers, toes and eyelids. The door opened and a doctor entered the room and greeted him.

“Good evening” she said. “I am Doctor Victoria Rage. I will be conducting a thorough medical exam to certify your fitness for execution. It will be very painful of course but don’t worry, it will be nothing compared to the actual execution. When we are finished the prison warden will arrive and I will then serve as executioner. I must conduct a large number of tests to determine your precise pain tolerance, reaction to various pain stimulators and the proper beginning levels for the execution process. You may now make your final statement”. He was too scared to think of anything to say and just shook his head. With that the doctor placed a gag in his mouth and secured it.

“First I shall insert an electrified butt plug to provide a path for circuit completion in preparation for testing of the numerous electrical connections that will be used during the execution” she informed him. So saying, a large object with a wire trailing from it was forced into him.

(Note: electro butt plugs are single use as they cannot be commercially sterilized, you will be required to bring your own)

The tests to determine his reaction to, and tolerance for pain began. Various clamps were applied here and there. His balls were bound and beaten with a small stick that looked like a chopstick and with a small leather paddle of some sort. This,  he was told was to “sensitize” them for the execution process.

Sticky pads were placed on his balls which were then placed in a crusher and the crusher tightened until the doctor determined that he was adequately in pain. The sticky pads were electrified and the electrical intensity increased until the doctor determined that he was just slightly beyond the edge of his tolerance. This, she said grinning, established the starting point for the execution.

Blue elastic bands were placed around his cock and electrified and again the intensity was gradually increased until the doctor was sure that an adequate starting level for the execution has been established. Of course during all this, he could barely wiggle and his screams were muted by the gag so that the Doctor saw only some minor squirming and heard some muted moaning.

The doctor then began to dilate his cock with electrified sounds, using one and then another, ever larger and with ever increasing levels of electricity. The primary electrode for execution would be inserted here, she explained, and his cock must be dilated as much as possible to accept the large electrode. Again he was writhing, screaming and bucking in his bondage but the Doctor saw only small movements and heard only muted sounds. She grinned evilly and said “I believe you are really enjoying this. Well, get ready, the real fun will soon start!”

The entire “exam” and “preparation” took about 90 minutes. At the end of the process Dr. Rage picked up a shiny metal cylinder nearly a half inch in diameter and with wires trailing from it. She began the painful process of inserting it in his cock. When she had it in place she applied a couple of blue elastic bands with wires trailing around the outside of his cock and tightened them. She had barely finished when the door opened and the prison warden and an attendant entered. “Good evening Dr. Rage” she said. “Is the prisoner prepared?”

“‘Yes, warden, we are ready” replied Dr. Rage. “All right”, the warden said looking at her watch, “ It is three minutes ‘till ten. The execution sequence will begin in exactly three minutes. The attendant here will count down the time in 30 second intervals to the final 10 seconds and then the final 10 seconds one second at a time……………….

He began to struggle and whimper as he anticipated the bolt of lightning he was about to receive……………………

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10 Thoughts to “Sentenced to Electrocution….”

  1. Jay

    Thank you very much,

    Reading this post just made my morning. How I wish I could be found guilty in such a manner. Please never stop your good work. Thoughts from your devious intellect are incredibly erotic. Someday I will meet you…


  2. peter small

    Please permit me to also express my gratitude, Domina Victoria, for Your infinitely precious gifts. From Your wickedly flawless flair for irresistible sadism to Your talent for bringing such sublime scenarios to life, to Your viciously vivacious beauty, You make more slaves worldwide pine for travel to Seattle than You realize. It is because of You that i feel a greater adoration of s&m than ever before.

    Kneeling in awe,

  3. peter small

    PS: i’d love to hear the rest of the story!

    1. alan

      Sorry, Peter. For the rest of the story you must visit Mistress Victoria in person…………

      1. You boys are wonderful! I’m looking forward to you Alan…it’s almost time. Tick tock tick tock….

  4. Jay

    One final comment on an older post. Having read this post of yours many times, I wonder if you would be willing to do a lighter shorter version of this scene for a semi-newbie that is afraid that it would be too intense as posted? I would still want to turn myself over to your ministrations without a safeword, only asking that you go a little easy the first time around. I can’t help being drawn to the electricity and the anal aspects of this scenario. Thank You.


  5. Luke

    I keep re-reading this scene, and it continues to excite me.
    I think it would be bliss to experience.
    Never seen a professional dominatrix before, but it would be a pleasure to make my fist time….

    …my last time.

    Flip the switch Dr. Rage.

  6. Luke

    This is amazingly written, and sounds like it would be a total head job.
    I have never been to a pro Dominatrix, but Dr. Rage sounds like your first….

    …and final….

    visit would be exquisite.

  7. Luke

    Reading this is an amazing turn on, but I know my imagination cannot do it justice.

    Please throw the switch, Dr. Rage….

    1. Luke

      Triple post…..whoops.

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