A devilishly good time with my masochist!

There’s a lovely pain slut who’s been making his way to my dungeon (almost weekly) for over a month now. I’ve enjoyed every moment with him, opening him up to all the devious toys and tools that accompany a professional dungeon (and a shopaholic kinkster), but alas – this boy is the HARDEST bottom of my entire career, and thus – very hard to bring to his boundaries.

I’m always ravenously excited each time he knocks on my door; I know without a doubt that I have a long work and hard out ahead of me, dishing out intense corporal and other various tortures for several hours at a time. Who wouldn’t eagerly look forward to something like that?

Since it’s become a challenge for both of us, pushing our physical boundaries and exploring just how deep my sadism and his masochism really goes – we’ve decided it would be rather amusing to share this journey with you, my darling audience.

I will say as a bit of a disclaimer that this is ABSOLUTELY NOT something I do with all of my clients. Each person is unique and their boundaries are always respected. His boundaries just happen to be rather vast.

Both of us are entirely consenting in this type of play and he walks away with a smile on his face, happy with the level of physical damage done. In NO WAY is this non-consensual….which is actually pretty impressive since he’s used a safeword only ONCE in our time together and has never required me to tie him down. He indulges me in all of this on his own free will…

Click the “Continue Reading” icon to see the remainder of this blog, complete with pictures… *grin*

Day One: This image is from last night. We chose to do a short hour of hard and fast play to work up a sizable number of welts, bruises and marks. He doesn’t actually bruise easily at all, so swelling and redness is about all one can expect….

Day 2: This was a bit more fun. On this go around, we did 2 hours with plenty of build up…. the results were much more dramatic!

At the moment, we have not set a date for our next round of play, but naturally, I’ve already invented some new wicked ways to push him farther. It’s hard to believe this is only a small fraction of what he can take (unless I work the backs of his thighs)….

With that said, he’s also very generously agreed to allow me to film him sometime! If I can figure out how to upload a video to WordPress – I may do my fist video blog  of a live session. Ah…the possibilities…

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