Adventures In Photography….

I admit, I’ve had the same photographer for over a year now. Before I chose him, I interviewed about a half-dozen others and finally found the right “connection” with takepix. I’ve never been so faithful in my life! I’ve really enjoyed having the same person capture my images but there’s ALWAYS room in my world for experimentation and evolution.

Soooo this Thursday, I have yet another shoot scheduled!

This time, I’ll be working with Tiny Box Media’s Fedora El Morro – who is a very inspiring bad ass and well-known woman in Seattle’s photography scene. I stumbled across her just accidentally through good ol  Facebook and as it turns out, her portfolio of work is just stunning, bizarre and brilliant!!! So, I’ve been fortunate enough to land my spot in front of her camera this week and will be doing a full update of images on my website and blog.

Of course, while I may be working with someone new – I do still have an image or two to release from the shoot last week….



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  1. Mac

    I think that proves that blood red is definitely your color.

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