Have you had a hard time reaching me lately?

So unbeknownst to me, my cell phone recently decided it would be selective over when it would and would not ring. It showed perfect reception, made outgoing calls without incident and gave no indication whatsoever that anything was awry.

In truth, I had noticed a significant drop in calls over the last few days, but with such gloomy weather I didn’t give it much thought until today ….when I noticed I wasn’t able to page myself into my building – an operation done via my phone. Great…

I called Verizon and within 5 minutes of working their magic, everything was fixed and my phone immediately began to blow up with a slew of missed calls, voice mails and texts. I’ve responded to every voice mail at this point but the number of calls that didn’t leave a message is just too many to sort through, even those who tried multiple times.

So, if you’ve felt ignored or tried to reach me with no success, that’s why. It wasn’t you – it was me.

Everything is back to normal now so feel free to try to reach me again, I promise you’ll get through this time ; – )

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2 Thoughts to “Have you had a hard time reaching me lately?”

  1. Gene

    What age for a male client that you have done a physical session with (such as whipping, spanking and such)?

    1. I currently see clients 27 years or older and have done scenes on all ages up to 85.

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