New Photos & Website Updates

Alright my deviant darlings…

Here is the very first photo set from Tiny Box Media!!! I’ve selected my favorite 10 to use for ads and update website gallery. I have already scheduled yet another shoot for the beginning of April to continue updating and replacing my images from last year. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Last but not least, before you head over to my site to look at those additions – you will notice I am trying a new cleaner and sleeker layout for the site itself. I realize many of you are peeping at my pages on cell phones so I’ve tried to make it a little easier to read for smaller screens. If anything looks amiss or isn’t displaying properly – do let me know!


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One Thought to “New Photos & Website Updates”

  1. Mac

    I have got to say, that out of all the photos I like the ones with your hair up the best. Especially the one where you are in the black cut-away cleavage outfit, hands almost on your knees, and your hair is up and away from your face. Your face is gorgeous…and of course, the rest of you looks great too.

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