Distance Domination, Financial Slavery & Pampering Pets….

In the last several years, I’ve noticed a handful of fetishes and interests really take off. What once were “occasional indulgences” have now become striking popular and it’s been my pleasure to really delve deeper with them. A handful of examples of which I speak are distance training, financial slavery and pampering pets. All three of those are typically enacted by people who may never have a chance to serve the Mistress of their desires in person for any number of reasons. Typically distance or the circumstances of their daily lives may just make such a thing impossible, but here you’re still left with someone who has a strong to serve and perhaps to make his Goddess’ life a little easier.

Enter the pampering pets…

In the last year, I was fortunate enough to become familiar with two such devoted boys, one in the UK and one in Japan. Both stumbled across my website and just couldn’t get images of me wrapping them around my finger out of their heads, but there was simply no way a face to face meeting was going to be in the cards. Without that letting that become an obstancle, they both acted on their urge to serve and offered various tributes – gifts from my wish lists, emailed gift cards to things I’d mentioned I liked, even hand painted likenesses of me…it was incredibly sweet and for them, that was “good enough” to pacify their desires to please me.

Distance between a Mistress and a submissive who longs to serve can be a massive hindrance, but just remember, there are a lot of ways to show devotion from afar….and no, that doesn’t mean jerking off to her photos and telling her about it and it doesn’t always mean cashing your paycheck to fill her paypal account…

Aside from monetary gifts, I’ve also been sent lovely poems, hand drawn pictures, sweet cards, and videos of potential servants doing things in my honor. My favorite was a boy who shot a video of himself doing 100 pushups to show me, he would happily exert himself for my happiness and amusement because he JUST KNEW that’d put a smile on my face. Another lovely playmate, in the armed forces stationed in Afghanistan sent me a gorgeous pair of stilettos and a handpicked red and black pashmina. He wrote me quite often to let me know I made his stay overseas a little easier to deal with. It was beyond touching to know that while dealing with the chaos of his location, he still took the time to venture out and think of me. ‘

Distance training is a naturally difficult form of d/s exchange simply because there are many things that only face to face contact can give you, but there are plenty of things to bridge the gap when in person meetings aren’t possible. Phone sessions, emails, video chats and enforced daily routines help both parties feel just a bit more connected. So, if you’re one of those who finds themselves with a deep ache to be pleasing, just realize there’s more to a D/s connection to hourly appointments. Sometimes, a little thinking outside the box can bring you one step closer to what you’re looking for.

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3 Thoughts to “Distance Domination, Financial Slavery & Pampering Pets….”

  1. D/s her distance is not easy, I grant you Mistress Victoria, without it being a financial bid or excessive scam lacredulité submissive men, the line is easy to cross and that there are honest ladies and Mistresses Men who know how to respect their subject happens to do great things with this type of relationship D / s, with the average modern internet, web cam, skyppe, msn, it just make it easier to “sessions” at a distance, but is true for a Mistress “professional” it is probably a lack of money and time and methods to take, but I think that if a Mistress and a submissive man is much appreciated and the distance is very far it also helps the approximation thanks to the internet and little help sometimes an approximation of actual what do you think Mistress Victoria
    I know that for my humble person, it will be for me a premeire stage in a relationship D / s followed by a Dominant Mistress
    your humble servant

    1. I hope that my English is not too French and you Mistress Victoria you understand the meaning of my’m writing to you

      1. Oh yes, I can understand you just fine!

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