3 comments on “Distance Domination, Financial Slavery & Pampering Pets….

  1. D/s her distance is not easy, I grant you Mistress Victoria, without it being a financial bid or excessive scam lacredulité submissive men, the line is easy to cross and that there are honest ladies and Mistresses Men who know how to respect their subject happens to do great things with this type of relationship D / s, with the average modern internet, web cam, skyppe, msn, it just make it easier to “sessions” at a distance, but is true for a Mistress “professional” it is probably a lack of money and time and methods to take, but I think that if a Mistress and a submissive man is much appreciated and the distance is very far it also helps the approximation thanks to the internet and little help sometimes an approximation of actual what do you think Mistress Victoria
    I know that for my humble person, it will be for me a premeire stage in a relationship D / s followed by a Dominant Mistress
    your humble servant

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