Back from KinkFest!

I’m finally back and settling in after a lovely extended weekend in Portland!

I must say, though I lived in PDX much longer than I’ve lived in Seattle,  I’m amazed how much I longed for the comforts of home nearly hours after I left. It was a bit of a disappointment to see how much the city had changed and that some of my favorite restaurants and stores were either drastically changed or no longer in business. Sigh – ah well/

My intent was really to see the sights of Kinkfest while reacquainting myself with the place I’d previously loved so very much, and happily, I did manage to find a few gems to add to my dungeon’s toy collection while at the event. (Electro Floggers, Yes!)

I was hoping there would be some BDSM furniture vendors at the vendor mall, but that just wasn’t the case this year. It would have been so nice to lay my hands on an item before buying it online for once but after a few hours on my laptop back at my hotel, I found something on my old standby website (JT’s Stockroom) for the newest addition to my space.

At first, I really wondered how much I’d actually USE use a cage (I’m very hands on) but on second thought, I do a LOT of interrogations, mock executions, jail scenes and kidnappings – this piece would just add a tremendous element for those occasions without taking up too much space. Sadly, delivery will take up to 3 weeks, but with my order placed, I’ll just sit back and anxiously wait for its arrival!

Now, tomorrow will be my last off before I resume my normal schedule and availability…. I will begin to return voice mails and emails tomorrow but feel free to call if you’d like to set some time aside for a little kinky play with your Mistress this week.

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