One comment on “Public Play: A cautionary stance

  1. Domina Victoria,

    Thank You so much for expressing your thoughts on public play. As a crossdressing sissy who goes out in public completely dressed myself on occaision, I could not agree more with your point of view on this topic. I’ve harbored this same opinion in regards to public play for my entire ‘kink’ life. Being put on display with a BDSM club or adult theater as the backdrop, in front of like-minded folks is great fun, but to impose “second hand” kink upon an unwilling and unassuming public would be to assume that all within eye shot of the activity in question are somehow amused. This would be quite an assumption indeed. Not to mention the risk of exposing children to the scene. Cap Hill at 2am for this type of scene, sans the anti-gay riff, perhaps… afternoons in the Queen Anne, or anywhere else, not so much.

    Thanks Again,


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