I bought a Fuck Saw!


I tweeted this a few days back so if you’re just hearing about this purchase – you’re behind and you need to fix that NOW.

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Anyway, I was doing a bit of online shopping when I came across this little gem. It’s one of the few toys left that I don’t already have in my arsenal, but it does look like it’ll fit in just fine, wouldn’t you say? Besides, with a name like THAT, how could I say no?

Now, don’t get your panties in a bunch worrying about the name Fuck SAW – it’s simply a reciprocating saw with a dildo on the end…I’m not literally going to saw you in half, well…not on purpose. It’s clearly designed with specific intent and that doesn’t include any form of woodwork.

I do admit, I had a few people on my mind when I snagged this diabolical device and I’m sure you already know who you are – but if you’re curious, adventurous or simply looking to try the next step in your sadomasochistic evolution, I’m here to add a bit of dimension to your violation play.

Let the humiliation begin!!!



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