One comment on “Breaking in “The Saw”

  1. As a happy victim of The Saw, let me relate my experiences:

    Preliminary: A fucksaw? That sounds intriguing. I’d sure like to see that.

    In real time, restrained: OMG. What is she hauling out?

    On entry: yum!

    On power-on: OMG, that feels good!

    A moment later: Ah! she’s found The Spot!

    Two moments later: OMG. It goes to 11, and she was starting at 2….

    A minute later: that hurts. So, so, so good. Maybe if I tilt my hips, and thrust back like a mindless slut it will feel better….

    9 minutes later: She’s still laughing, I’ve been orgasming for 10 minutes, and I don’t even remember my own name. Maybe if I just collapse on the table, it will all end well….

    A few minutes later: Lord, she stopped. Whimper. I wish she would keep going, but thank Crom she stopped before my heart did. I’ve never had an orgasm while unconscious before, it is sort of neat…

    After turning over: OMG, what is *that*? I am doomed….

    Ed. notes: the record ends here….

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