Breaking in “The Saw”

Perhaps the most unglamorous purchase of the month but by far one of the most interesting.

Many of you commented on how hard your jaws hit the floor upon the posting of my f*ck saw and with blushing cheeks you confessed you could never image yourselves on the receiving end of such a device but you’d LOVE to hear or see what it’s like in action.

(btw… please don’t expect me to believe you DON’T want to try that toy – I know you all better than that)

Let me preface this by telling you a little more about the actual arrival of the item first…It’s pretty funny.

I pick the package up, expecting it to be in 5 or 6 pieces, ready for assembly, but perhaps something that would take me a very frustrating hour or two to piece together. Upon opening the box I’m confronted with only two items… A dildo and a reciprocating saw – blades and all.  REALLLYYYY????  Yes, I knew the saw was a literal part of the toy, but there’s a certain reality that slaps you in the face when presented with an item I would need to go to a hardware store to buy…and I’m about to attach a dildo to it.

I begin to piece together the item only to realize they oh so thoughtfully forgot the item that turns this from a box of unusable parts into the glorious toy I posted earlier. The adapter is missing. This is a cruel joke right???? Thankfully Jt’s Stockroom is staffed by people who take this as seriously as I do and with my disappointment in mind, they get my adapter to my doorstep the next morning. I manage to put the whole toy together in all of 5 minutes – looking somewhat like a soldier putting  her weapon back together after cleaning it. I’m armed and ready!

Enter my victim…

I’ve seen him a good dozen or so times over the course of a year and a half, he trusts me, but still knows enough about me to have a healthy sense of worry when I have a new toy. I did mention it to him when he arrived, but I admit, I didn’t actually show it to him until he was tied face down to a table. The protests were immediate – ohhhhh I don’t know if I can take that!!!!!!

I know this boy and I’ve done WAY worse to him, so I wasn’t really about to take “no” for an answer. “You’re here until I let you leave” I gently reminded him, “and yes, you can and will take this”.

I set the saw aside and broke him in with other things we’ve done in the past. His comfort level grew and his sub space set in. This is key because when he’s in his subspace, I can do just about anything – and I do mean anything – I want to him so long as I don’t permanently injure him. His no’s quickly turn to incoherent mumblings as he drifts off. I find this incredibly sweet – I’ve facilitated his high as he slips away into whatever I lay out for him.

The saw isn’t too heavy, only a few pounds really,  so it was easily slipped into place. It does however make a very powerful sound, but to my delight, the sound of the tool was drowned out by the sounds of my boy as I turned it on. Slow at first of course, then to full blast. Neither of us could really believe what was happening. I felt like a mad scientist seeing her bizarre and beautiful creation come to life, I simply couldn’t believe I was doing what I was doing. All the while, I kept thinking of ways I could make this predicament – this act – more brutal, more humiliating, more diabolical for future sessions. Today, I was gentle because this was my toys maiden voyage and the guinea pig was unaware this would be his fate until I surprised him with it.

I must say to his credit, he took it like a champ – a real trooper and a bit of a masochistic bad ass in my opinion (though I’m sure he’ll disagree).

So what does it feel like???? In essence: it’s intense, but not as bad as you’d imagine if you’re trying in it a more clinical style. However, I do warn, now that I’m a fairly practiced with it – I WILL be coming up with various mind fucks to make the whole thing more twisted. It may not be as “easy” to handle in the future. (Insert comically evil laugh)

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One Thought to “Breaking in “The Saw””

  1. Basil

    As a happy victim of The Saw, let me relate my experiences:

    Preliminary: A fucksaw? That sounds intriguing. I’d sure like to see that.

    In real time, restrained: OMG. What is she hauling out?

    On entry: yum!

    On power-on: OMG, that feels good!

    A moment later: Ah! she’s found The Spot!

    Two moments later: OMG. It goes to 11, and she was starting at 2….

    A minute later: that hurts. So, so, so good. Maybe if I tilt my hips, and thrust back like a mindless slut it will feel better….

    9 minutes later: She’s still laughing, I’ve been orgasming for 10 minutes, and I don’t even remember my own name. Maybe if I just collapse on the table, it will all end well….

    A few minutes later: Lord, she stopped. Whimper. I wish she would keep going, but thank Crom she stopped before my heart did. I’ve never had an orgasm while unconscious before, it is sort of neat…

    After turning over: OMG, what is *that*? I am doomed….

    Ed. notes: the record ends here….

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