My Jail Cell Has Arrived…

Unexpectedly, I was greeted by a 150 pound package at my door. I’ve been waiting for this moment and  immediately I knew what it was. I couldn’t wait to get this baby together, it’s been WEEKS  since I placed the order and now that I’ve come up with nearly hundreds of uses for it – I’m finally staring at the box itself.

Step One: I savagely ripped open the box with my bare hands… because I didn’t have a box cutter on me and I was fresh out of patience.

Step 2: Drag everything downstairs and stack it in no particular order around the dungeon. Now, I’ve got to pause here and tell you that normally I’m AWFUL at assembling anything. I once put together a very small book self – backwards and refused to correct it once I discovered the error. I continued on, forcibly screwing together incompatible pieces of wood until I was the proud owner of a completely unstable bookshelf that lasted about a week. This cage is another matter. I took immense care in insuring the stability of this item and happily, it came together in perfection!

Step 3: Sit back and pat myself on the back. It’s glorious and these photos don’t do it justice. While I realize I have people who would have done this for me at the snap of my fingers, there’s something gratifying about getting your hands dirty and putting a little blood and sweat into your own dungeon….and when you find yourself locked tightly into this restrictive prison, you can rest with a bit of unease knowing that it was ME who put this together – a metal cage….and as you’ve read in previous posts – I’m very much obsessed with electrical play.

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