The return of “On Call” sessions…


Many of you love the idea of getting a call/text/email from your Mistress simply saying the words “get your ass over to my dungeon NOW’…. for no particular reason other than she was feeling vicious and you popped into her mind. And being in that Mistress position, I love having a boy drop what he’s doing to accommodate my need to play. Afterall, I do this because it’s a compulsion and you’re simply all here to feed that.

I gave this idea a shot last year and it was wildly popular, so popular I had to stop doing it so as to not overbook my own schedule. Now that things are taming down a bit with the fluctuating weather, I’ll begin offering this again.

As a refresher, how it works is simple…

If I’ve seen you before, you may email me with your rough schedule (ie. morning’s work best or I’m free on Thursdays!) and desire to participate. If I’m having a particular day where your interests really strike my fancy or perhaps I have some unexpected time available – I’d reach out to you letting you know I demand you on my doorstep NOW (or at whatever specified time). If it’s possible for you to work that out, you’ll confirm and arrive as scheduled. If not, no harm done, I’ll try you again next time.

Since we’ve met before – no pre session talk is needed and I can simply begin the scene from the moment you knock on my door.  No hello, how’s your day. Just get in here, strip, shower and get on your knees, I’ve got plans for you!!!

So, if that just sent a shiver down your spine, I welcome you to email me at with your name, rough schedule, approx last time we saw each other and the BEST way to get a hold of you.

Let the fun begin!!!



…and yes, as a note my normal tribute DOES apply. This is simply a way to add a bit of personal touch to a traditional appointment.

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