Pretty Please…. (A Question of Reviews)

Lately, I’ve been caught up in all the fun indulging my regulars who make up the overwhelming majority of my sessions, so much so that I’ve been told I’m letting an important part of my business lapse; it seems that my reviews are a bit outdated.

Accurate, but outdated.

I’m very private so I’ve never been concerned about asking a visitor to post a few comments or even write out a formal review, but that’s left me at a point where lurkers have no clue what others have experienced when coming to see me lately!  I don’t bite THAT hard now do I?

So, if you’ve offered in the past and I’ve declined or if you’ve never really considered it before this moment – I’m asking you who are comfortable doing so, to post a review on any board you’re a member of, though I do favor TRB, TNA and THR.

I know it takes time and effort from your busy lives to do this so I’ll be quite grateful…and will most certainly remember it next time you darken my dungeon doorstep!

My eternal gratitude in advance….

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One Thought to “Pretty Please…. (A Question of Reviews)”

  1. I am Mistress Victoria desoler but I do not understand this -> TRB, TNA and THR. <—- That these initials mean
    I thank you humbly
    your submissive man at your feet

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