Important Change In My Availability

Some of you may have noticed that I change my schedule around seasonally; following the trend of calls and taking my days off when things are the “slowest”.

It’s time again for another such change, after having sadly turned down so many possible bookings this week during my days off, I see now the Spring submissives are back in town and that demands a very different type of availability.

My new schedule will be in effect ASAP. Pre booked appointments will absolutely be honored even if they directly conflict with my new posted availability.

I will now be welcoming sessions 5 days a week, from Sunday-Thursday 10am-11pm (ish)

Fridays will be entirely unavailable and Saturday sessions will be considered with advance notice.

I do say 11pm-ish as it’s not nor has it ever been a strict time frame to when I wrap up my day. If someone wants a booking to begin at 10pm and would like it to go longer than an hour, I’ll consider it. However, the last booking of the day MUST begin no later than 10pm.

Hopefully this slight adjustment will make scheduling just a bit easier for everyone…

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One Thought to “Important Change In My Availability”

  1. I hope one day Mistress Victoria come a day in your city, and have a nice Dungeon availability for you and be at your feet nice and beautiful moment, sincerely yours “minion”

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