I’ve covered this here already, so those of you who are loyal followers of my blog, please feel free to skip this entry. I’ll write something kinky and interesting here in a bit. My purpose for this near-duplicate posting is to create a point of reference that I can connect to my formal website in order to answer this often raised question.

“Mistress, do you offer lighter forms of play as well as the hardcore…and if so, do you actually enjoy it?”

Now darlings, whatever you may have seen on various S&M websites, movies or Mistress Blogs, we are not all man-hating, female supremacists who just want to strip you of your dignity and beat you senseless. And not every client we see is a sniveling shell of a man who just wants to be ripped into little pieces and spat on. There are some that enjoy that intensity, which I am thrilled to deliver it, but more often than not, those who visit a Dominatrix are more curious and kinky than anything else. They just happen to have an ache to explore something “different”.

You don’t have to crave pain or humiliation and there’s no particular “type” of visitor I prefer more than another. I like being able to traverse between the extreme and the light simply because to me – it’s more about how you respond than what I’m doing to you than the activity itself. It’s really that simple.

The only thing I’m actually after in a session, is my playmates feedback; the heavy breathing, the look of helplessness, the sensation of vulnerability and anticipation…THAT’S what I want. I do not enjoy someone who cannot give me reciprocated energy to feed off of. It doesn’t matter if I’m using a single tail whip or a feather, it’s all the same and I relish the variation.

That said, I enjoy my work extensively. I smile a lot, I’m mischievous and I love to make my playmates feel exposed, enjoyed and cherished. It doesn’t matter what type of scene you want or how much or little experience you have. I’m here for the pure pleasure of being a deviant: because I want to be. I do not need to take every session that comes my way and I often don’t. I have a solid reputation and a very strong wave of repeat clients. I play with those who sound the most enthused about the whole experience, not the ones who can take the hardest beating.  I can’t assure you any more than this… you’ll simply have to lay down your hesitations and pick up the phone to experience me for yourself.

Just remember at the end of the day, all I am is just a huge pervert with a big dungeon.