23 comments on “Part 1: Training My Sissy Maid

  1. I really enjoyed your blog post. I kind of felt a bit jealous, but then it would take some kind of mechanical device – with hydraulic pressure – for me to fit into such an outfit! I can’t wait to read about how the training progresses.

  2. Hi this is boy I just read your blog is this true. Because I know u don’t offer off the clock slave training. Plus I have followed your orders all week plus lost a lot of weight.

    • Why yes, this is true, but no I don’t offer “off the clock slave training”.
      I did this on my own accord and it was a PERSONAL fantasy – not a booking request. Mistresses do have fantasies of their own you know…

      I am glad you’ve followed my orders and that you’ve also lost weight. I look forward to tracking your progress in our next scheduled appointment!

      • I will love to learn what it is like to actually have a dominate woman in my life to teach me all the pleasure of being her chastised sissy maid and have you become the key holder of my clity after all i am transgendered and on hormoans but suddenly become excited when it comes to the art of being a frilly sissy maid locked in chastity with no say

  3. Wow, that sounds…delightful. Aside from ruining my clothes, that sounds amazingly in line with something I’ve been fantasizing about for quite some time. Perhaps a pretty pair of panties added to the mix. I didn’t realize you offered this kind of service. I may need to call you very soon.

    • Thank you for sharing, phyre, and I’d love to see you whenever you’re ready! My offerings do extend quite a bit into directions most people would never guess. Ultimately, I am a fantasy fulfiller so as long as it’s kinky – I’m in!

      • I my self have wondered about this for most of my life and must say that i get excited every time i day dream of this happening it would be such a pleasure to get to know you Miss Domina Victoria Rage
        i wonder how many time i would have to book a session for the hopes that you would un-lock me from the cold steel bars that hold my clity in place that is if you do offer key holding service were you hold the key even after a session so i am sent away totally locked

  4. That long post was incredibly well written! I’m a sub for any stern mistress and you fascinate and interest me at the same time~ -blushes-

  5. Incredible story! Lucky boy! This story stirs my interest in experiencing being a sub. You make it sound so delicious. When can we expect to see Part 2 Ms. Victoria? I hope it’s soon.

      • Please let me read it… Tie me up. Dress me up if you want. Bend me over, put on your favorite strap-on or get out your favorite paddle and put the story on the floor in front of me so I can read it while you use me in whatever way makes you happy. I promise never to tell anyone the details of what I read. Please.

      • I want to apologize for my last response. I realize this is between you and your maid. As much as I want to read Part 2, I respect your relationship and should not have made such an offer in an attempt to coerce you into sharing it. Again I apologise to you and your maid.

  6. very very good idea that you had
    I love this style of decision and act like this is perfect
    rororo I think I’d love it,
    Mistress Victoria thank you very much for this beautiful story that makes you want to try

  7. ive just had the joy of discovering Your wonderful blog Mistress Victoria and i am full of admiration for You taking the first steps in creating a maid to serve You and Your requirements. in my (very humble) opinion, the scenario does not consider the maid, that is there as a “living doll” to enact Your fantasy of ownership and forced transformation into something that is both acceptable and useful to You. i do hope You deerive much satisfaction and benefit from this experiment so that You continue Your very interesting writings. Thank You, Mistress Victoria, and i wish You great pleasure and benefit from Your ownership of Your maid.


  8. I have a willing husband but am unsure as to how i should go about training him, any advice?
    We started off with him as the more dominate one but now easily yields / submits to me if i choose to take control.

  9. hi im in nj and would love to serve as a sissy maid for demanding female.i have been a closet dresser a long time.and i think i make a great maid

  10. Hi there Mistress, I was wondering what it would take to become your sissy maid/slut and where do I sign up at

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