6 comments on “In Admiration Of Silk Stockings….

  1. Hi madame I did like this blog a lot better then the last one. I was thinking how hot u would look in silk stockings. I almost joff but I remember that I am on lock down plus at work in front camera. Plus I do miss u in between sessions I hope too rebound back into your good graces ma’ma.

    • Wow….4 comments from you on this blog alone today.

      I’m glad you enjoyed it and I’m thrilled to know you’ll be obeying my rules from now on. You are not “out of my good graces”, just tightening the leash a bit.

  2. mistress
    Unfortunately no girlfriend
    I am a widower for many years already
    My wife was my first and my Mistress learned everything ETSON education is still very present me in my dreams and my thoughts
    in France there are two names for nylons
    downs that are hanging in the leg with a garter belt
    pasting that both legs over the cullote on the same clothing

    I have more passion for silk stockings with Garter belt door, piece of lingerie so pleasant to look at and so erotic
    low are well worth the legs of women
    hummm and that sweet pleasure of being on his knees in front of a Dominant to remove him gently down to a massage and kiss the feet
    this is my humble person a real pleasure

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