6 comments on “Locking Up The Family Jewels

  1. Hi mistress this boy I wish u told me this before I bought my crappy cb6000 that was a wast of $180. That one never wanted too stay on u knew that lol. Do u think the birdlock would fit my small one mean your property. Plus I am off Twitter that was a old account.

    • Yes, it is a shame that retailers charge so much and if you don’t peek around online you do’t know how badly you’re overspending….especially when that one turned out to not fit you correctly at all and just slip right off!

      Birdlock would probably work better, but you’re a rather unique size so we may still have an issue there.

      Also, I’m glad you’re off twitter. Though it was an old account, you still began posting after I told you not to be on there anymore – there was no cunfusion in your disobedience.

      Lastly, please stop commenting on my blog 3 and 4 times. I approve every post to keep spam off of here but it seems when you don’t see your comment right away – you send it again…and again ….and again….and again…. Moderation and patience boy.

  2. Mistress, i have a small high and tight package. i own a CB6000 and on rare ocassion have got it on, but it is unconfortable. my junk just doesn’t hang low enough. Any thoughts?


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