Locking Up The Family Jewels

All of my murmurings about chastity and keyholding this past month have generated quite a stir in my visitors! So much so, that more than a handful of you ran out and bought the CB6000 I casually mentioned in a recent post. It’s amazing how a little resource like this could make a brand new kink so accessible and so personal to such a large number of people.

In any event, I have a few thoughts I’d like to share for those of you considering dipping your toe in the water of forced denial and key holding.

If you’ve done any measure of internet research, you’re come across the CB6000. Widely considered to be BEST device on the market! While I agree that its wonderful and does the job to a T, I must counter by saying it’s only perfect if it fits you correctly and only if you want to wear this short-term.

The standard CB6000 will not fit everyone and in my experience, it only seems to work for a small fraction of my playthings. There are various models out there if you love the CB line, but keep in mind your size, your needs and the overall level of comfortability you’re going for when plunking down your money on a device. Don’t make a rush purchase just because you’re excited about the possibilities.

With that in mind, here’s a little breakdown of the top 2 chastity device manufacturers as a guide!

CB-X (as in CB6000)

Direct Website: http://www.cb-x.com/uld

Cheaper on Amazon.com: http://www.amazon.com/The-CB6000-Male-Chastity-Device/dp/B0039GQBRI/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1338694115&sr=8-1

Those partial to this line will most likely know them from the ever popular model CB6000, which gained its notoriety in being a nearly inescapable chastity device. Mistresses and chastity lovers everywhere rejoiced at the idea of a toy they could wear long-term while being comfortable and entirely impenetrable. One major catch though, is most people hear about that one particular model (CB6000) and they rush out to buy it before they’ve had time to discover such adornments need to be fitted to the user. The company has more than one model – in fact, they offer several as well as a measurement guide to help you find the one that’s going to feel best to Just remember, if it’s uncomfortable – it’ll become unbearable as the days tick by.

One thing to know is that this particular line is made of rigid plastic which some have called bulky. While I enjoy the idea of there being no real “give” in the material should an erection come about, it’s not the most discreet and forgettable object you could wear. It’ll never feel “natural” during wear which you may like or dislike, but take that under consideration before you swoop up this purchase.

It’s also made of plastic which can break if hit with enough force and being plastic, that means the item porous and will collect bacteria!!!!  These devices never get perfectly clean if you don’t take them off daily for thorough scrubbing and disinfection. For me, those are two huge disadvantages that would really make me reconsider using this for more than a day or so.

Lastly, I have to say, if you decide you’d like to make one of these a part of your personal collection, I strongly advise against buying direct from the seller or from a local toy store. I routinely see them retail for $150-$250 but Amazon.com sells them for $40-$50 which I feel is a more appropriate price for what you get. I have no clue why there’s such a massive mark up on such a simple plastic product but it’s the exact same device with the same warranty.



Direct Website: http://www.birdlocked.com/male_chastity_device/male_chastity.asp

Why oh why is this not yet a household name? As far as I’m concerned these are the absolute Holy Grail of cock lock toys. They are made of 100% medical grade silicone which means it’s NON POROUS and can be perfectly sterilized. It also cannot be shattered or broken in any way which is something you should really value when dealing with genital adornments. It also does have a slight but of give to the material which allows it to be more easily worn and offers a more natural feeling.

The website has a few available styles as well as their measurements and a guide on how to select the right fit.

The only downside is that you will pay more for this type of impressive quality. The CB line is available cheaper on amazon, but birdlocked is not. They run about $130-$17o wether you purchase through the direct site or some alternate such as Jt’s Stockroom, though on a rare occasion you may find one on Ebay for about $100 if you’re lucky.

Now, with all of that said, there’s a number of manufactures out there that I’ve left out of my posting for various reasons. If a device can be slipped out of, break easily, fade/discolor, not look/feel natural at all – I can’t recommend it. If you know of another manufacturer out there that I should add to this list, feel free to let me know! Otherwise, happy shopping!!!

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6 Thoughts to “Locking Up The Family Jewels”

  1. Hi mistress this boy I wish u told me this before I bought my crappy cb6000 that was a wast of $180. That one never wanted too stay on u knew that lol. Do u think the birdlock would fit my small one mean your property. Plus I am off Twitter that was a old account.

    1. Yes, it is a shame that retailers charge so much and if you don’t peek around online you do’t know how badly you’re overspending….especially when that one turned out to not fit you correctly at all and just slip right off!

      Birdlock would probably work better, but you’re a rather unique size so we may still have an issue there.

      Also, I’m glad you’re off twitter. Though it was an old account, you still began posting after I told you not to be on there anymore – there was no cunfusion in your disobedience.

      Lastly, please stop commenting on my blog 3 and 4 times. I approve every post to keep spam off of here but it seems when you don’t see your comment right away – you send it again…and again ….and again….and again…. Moderation and patience boy.

  2. toad

    Mistress, i have a small high and tight package. i own a CB6000 and on rare ocassion have got it on, but it is unconfortable. my junk just doesn’t hang low enough. Any thoughts?


    1. You may find some luck with other companies, Birdlocked is a great one!!!!

  3. Mistress Victoria, I prefer by far the chastity cages in a metal or plastic PVC ones, I think this is for hygiene much better your humble servant

  4. Mistress, I bought similar from Male Chastity Lifestyle website and it’s a perfect fit. Any advice on how to clean it before and after use?

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