A Sweet Note From A Recent Visitor….

I would like to take this opportunity to humbly thank You for allowing me to visit You today.
From the moment I arrived, You made me comfortable, but, with no thoughts other than You were in complete control. Despite Your beauty, amazing smile, and charming personality, it was abundantly clear that You were going to have Your way with me.
The restrictive bondage and blindfold set the tone — the undeniable fact that I would not have a choice, would not be able to resist, and was simply going to be Your subject, forced to lie helplessly for the teasing, torture, and pain that You wished to place upon Your latest victim.
Unbeknownst to You, the session started with one of my biggest fears, something I came so close to calling a limit just a few minutes earlier. As an electrician, electricity scares the shit out of me, and I can not stand the thought or feeling of getting shocked. However, you so matter of factly connected me and began using me as Your toy — for Your pleasure. For reasons I do not understand, I simply wanted to show You that I was willing and capable of taking the pain– and hope I did not disappoint. Of course, You had a way of making me want more of it, and making it enjoyable.
The clamps and wax was absolutely unbelievably amazing. Each clamp positioned perfectly to maximize the sensation and sting. Each drop of wax extremely effective in reminding me i was simply a toy strapped to Your table, with the sole purpose of entertaining You.
The biggest surprise of the day came when You quickly, without warning, penetrated my cock. After our conversation at the beginning I felt certain that I was safe today. However, it was extremely arousing to be taken simply because You wanted to prove that You could and would. Destroying that mental barrier was an unexpected experience that proved that You were in complete control and would not seek my opinion again. Thank you Mistress.
Being stood up and tied to the jail cell was extremely exciting. I tried as hard as possible to remain still, and allow You to punish my body as You wish.
The spanking, paddling, and punishment of my ass was exhilarating. You continued to punish me harder, with an unpredictable rhythm, allowing me to want the next strike, but never knowing when it would land across my cheeks. Definitely left me some reminders during the walk around down town and subsequent ride home.
Overall, Mistress it was an honor and delightful experience to be in Your captivity. Your playfulness and calm, soft-spoken words put me at ease, excited me, aroused me, and made me want to accept whatever You wished to dish out. I was caught off guard, without doubt, expecting You to be more demanding, abrasive, harsh with Your words.
Mistress, I hope I showed You today that I am a worthy submissive, and capable to being the subject of Your domination. I hope to see You in the future, to learn more from You, and to show You that while today was challenging, I am capable of taking more, ready and willing to turn my body over to You to continue to allow You to do as You wish.
Sorry for the long email, Mistress, but I wanted to let You know how much I enjoyed our time together.  With Your permission, I request to send You an email in the near future with some of my fantasies and desires. In no way do I wish to script sessions, but would like to let You know some of the thoughts in my head– obviously only You would know which would ever become a reality
Thank you Mistress

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