A Notice To Visitors Ages 21-29!

This applies ONLY to gentlemen ages 21-29 who are seeing me for the FIRST time….

I’m fairly choosy over who I see, often preferring people who seem as excited about the session they are about to have as I am. I still, very much, get all goosebump-y while planning what I’m going to do to someone.  So, in all the work up between discussing, booking, preparing and waiting for someone’s arrival, I am extremely let down when they don’t show up. Fortunately, it’s extremely rare, but while I see it unforgivably rude (unless there was an emergency)  it always seems to happen with one particular age group – 21-29 year olds.

Now, I have some wonderful clients still in their 20’s; well mannered, respectful and fun to be with, but those have been a rarity.  As much as I enjoy the energy that comes along with budding youth – I cannot allow my time to be taken advantage of.

A new reference/deposit policy is going to take effect immediately to prevent future hiccups and secure my time for those genuinely interested in having a real life experience.

So here it is..

If you are between the ages of 21 and 29 you must have a recent provider reference to come see me if you’d like to avoid paying a deposit.

A provider reference is any other reputable provider who has seen you within the last 6 months and could vouch for your gentlemanly behavior. (ie. you arrived on time, tributed correctly, were a gentleman during your time, we’re hygienically clean and caused no issues).

Reputable providers typically have a website, positive reviews and a good reputation. I must see she’s actively advertising and accepting clients. If she’s retired, visiting or has no personal website or reviews, she can’t be a reference.

You will need to have her information (website, name and phone number) ready to send to me via email when you call to inquire about booking to speed up the process. Your reference must be confirmed before you can book time with me. While I will contact her immediately – the process will take as long as it take for her to get back to me.

If you don’t have a reference, I will require your session be paid in advance via green dot or amazon.com gift card. Both are discreet, easy and quick – but they do ensure my time will not be wasted if anything comes up and you’re unable to show up for your appointment. While deposits will be nonrefundable for the most part, there is one exception. If you call more than 6 hours ahead of your scheudled session time, your deposit will be given a 50% refund. Any other circumstance will be a forefit of deposit that will not be put towards future bookings (If I allow them).

Same day sessions will not be available if a deposit is needed as they typically take a few hours to process, reasonably, I cannot set aside time for you until your deposit has been received, but typically a next day booking is available.

I would like to close by adding that I certainly hate to crack down on any particular group of people, especially when I relfect on the few exceptional younger clients I’ve had who are nothing by a joy to be with. Regretfully, this is a necessary evil to make sure only individuals who are emotionally and physically ready to see me are able to secure time to visit .


Amazon.com e-gift cards can be found here: https://www.amazon.com/gp/gc/order-email?ie=UTF8&*Version*=1&*entries*=0

Email them to victoria.rage@yahoo.com

Green Dot Cards can be found here: https://www.greendot.com/greendot

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