A Wonderful Day & A Shipment Of New Toys!

It’s past Midnight and I’m just now sliding into my bed to catch up on emails and online obligations. It’s nice to catch my breath, feel the adrenaline level out from my system and reflect on what a phenomenal day today was.

First, I was graced by the presence of TWO of my favorite pets, both gaining such favor because I’ve garnered their trust enough to be to do anything and everything I’d like to them without question. The first, which kickstarted my day, was used to re-enact a scene from a mutually favorite book from the “Sleeping Beauty” trilogy from Anne Rice. What fun!

The second lovely pet came over at my command to wrap up my evening by  being the first to break in my new bondage chair! Admittedly, I was saving that privilege for him, so we christened my device over a wonderfully sultry and rather physically aggressive scene. The one day I play with him sans blindfold, he couldn’t stop laughing as I tormented him. Yes, I know, I look like a giddy school girl when I’m doing certain sadistic things, but this pet knows me well enough to poke a little fun as I enjoyed myself. Fortunately for him, I gave him a bit of a ‘pass’ on all of that because he came in with a thick coat on. It’s 80 degrees and he brought a coat…..in case I left evidence <3

I also was thrilled to have had a chance to enjoy a brand new submissive, which is becoming more of a rarity these days now that regulars tend to fill my schedule. He turned out to be an absolute delight and a rather tricky case being a very experienced submissive. His plight in having seen so many Mistresses during his travels he was left with a craving to try something brand new,  however, my electrical toys and inescapable bondage were easily able to take him places he never thought he’d go.

Mid day, I was surprised by a second box of goodies (pic below) which I purchased from a rapidly growing company called Cane-iac.

A while back, someone purchased a birch whipping rod from them as a gift for me and I fell in love. I’ve used them a few times when I have the urge to splurge on a few solid staples and I’m always very happy with their overall quality and selection.

Below is a random assortment of lexan paddles in 3 of their most ordered sizes, some NATURAL (ie. unfinished) bamboo canes, several derilin canes, a very thick leather strap, a long silk blindfold and a pair of nipple sticks. This should keep me entertained for a while, don’t you think?

I like to add one more furniture item to replace my flogging post which I’m a little bored of at the moment.  I want something more –  severe – more intense! Paging around my usual haunts, I’m giving some thought to this – used as a CBT tower and flipped around to also be used as an inescapable whipping post. It’s just a little more secure and deliberate, enough so to catch me eye.  Sadly, the only company selling this is Extreme Restraints…and I still hate them.

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One Thought to “A Wonderful Day & A Shipment Of New Toys!”

  1. Mistress Victoria if I can think of some new objects are always a source of new ideas “games” and pleasures, but for how long?
    I like the idea of coming also met my Mistress with my toys games, and the offrirs to my Mistress as a gift to my submission, there is in this moment offering the magical gaze of Mistress on these new toys and games small mischievous look that sometimes, I like alot of these rare moments and emouvant between Mistress and her submissive

    Mistress also reserve the sometimes “surprises” to his new subject with new toys, new experiences, it can also bind “love, contact, and great friendship” between the ratios D / s

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