The Best In Erotic Fiction


As many would guess, I structure many of my scenes with playmates to suite my own personal fantasies, direct from my mental vault of dirty thoughts. Whether derived from my own imagination or from  inspiration gathered from various videos and books I happen across, when something crawls into my brain the only way to get it out is to act on it. Very much like anyone who becomes erotically inspired during the day, those thoughts aren’t easily shaken free from your mind until you’ve done something to satiate yourself.

I suppose, no matter how many people I’ve played with, some over and over again for years, I will always have new things depths to open up to them. I simply never stop chasing the erotic, the bizarre and the perverse, and now here I am filled with a wealth of debauched ideas collected and expanded upon from some amazing works by numerous artists, writers and pornographers.

I’ve shared a few websites with you where great amateur videos can be found and much to my joy, I’ve heard a few readers confess how very useful those links happen to be in their private lives. If I’m now serving to inspire you in the boudoir,  I’d be remiss if I didn’t share my most cherished resource…..the written word.

For kinky literature – nothing – no nothing, beats The Sleeping Beauty trilogy by Anne Rice.

Yes, I know there are some erotic titans out there who’ve authored some seriously iconic erotica, but this series is very near and dear to my heart so it wins by default. I’m willing to wager that you will never pick up a more arousing and chill inducing piece of erotic fiction.

I remember buying the first book and finishing it the same evening. I refused to put it down, neglecting dinner, showering and going to sleep until I absorbed every word. She writes so vividly about things I had only dared to dream, creating such striking imagery and pouring gasoline on the burning flame of my sexual psyche.  I was young and very impressionable at the time (14 I believe) but it was profound and only furthered my desire for control and stimulation.

What makes these books particularly appealing is that the ever-so-clever Anne Rice, managed to touch on nearly EVERY hidden order or taboo imaginable! With all the wealth of kink related knowledge I may have now, I struggle to think of something she neglected. That’s quite a feat in itself, but to weave it all together into a very readable format that always leaves you aching to turn the next page is nothing short of a masterpiece.

It’s truly a work of art and something I  highly encourage you to buy and keep right on your night stand….

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2 Thoughts to “The Best In Erotic Fiction”

  1. When I was 16 I would sneak reads of this while browsing the bookstore, but I was terrified to buy it and have my parents discover it. I think it’s time for a proper visit. Thank you for reminding me.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  2. Mistress Victoria, I also writting my story submissive man, with a little romance ” le stage ” or how my Mistress / wife my chosen, my education and start D / s and BDSM, unfortunately it is write in French and I do not know if a translation, the French words give the same meaning in English, but the “stage” can learn a lot about my life and how to be a man under 24/7
    your humble servant

    to this day the “stage” has 21 episodes is still not finished writing

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