My Political Prisoner


One of my beloved latex fetishists was on his way this afternoon and a newly purchased gas mask was sitting in a box on the counter, a gift I bought just for him and just for this scenario. He’s a political prisoner, sent to me for a interrogation now that other more conventional methods have proved fruitless.

If he doesn’t fold, I am to serve as his executioner, but that would be entirely up to him and his level of cooperation.

I decided to make my point loud and clear from the beginning; tying him tightly to a metal chair, arms to his sides, legs wide open; he looked dead in to my eyes, defiant from the start.

“You won’t break me”, he hissed, so completely assured I’d be no better of an interrogatrix than he’s had so far. “All of my prisons say that, darling, but I’m not here to break you…. I’m here to help you decide whether you want live or not. Your captors have all but given up on you and confessing to me is your last hope of survival and freedom….personally, I’m indifferent to your choice. Now, before we begin, I need to slip into something a bit more….stain proof,” I said grinning as I left him in the play room.

I returned moments later, having slipped into my long sleeve black latex dress, his eyes immediately glued to me.

“You can’t seduce me either”, now mumbling as he tried helplessly to cast his glance ANYWHERE but on me.

I grabbed the gas mask and began fitting it over his face, the restrictive rubber cut off all outside air except for whatever was able to pass through a long thin breathing tube. “This is what you’ll breath out of and you’ll need it to suck in all the oxygen you can, because if I don’t get the answers I’m looking for, I might decide to cover up this little tube just to watch you squirm. Isn’t it silly, how simple it is for me to punish you? All I have to do is use one finger to cover a small hole…..” I closed my finger over the hole to demonstrate there’s only one solid gulp of air available in the tube once I close it up.

He rolled his eyes at me, clearly not caring much for his own fate, for the first 15 seconds before I saw a rush of panic cross his face. I released the air tube and watched him suck in a nice full breath. I didn’t his mind his attitude one bit…by the time prisoners are sent to me, they’re already assumed to be neutralized. All of this is done, more or less – to be cruel.

I opened my medical table, a metal card filled with all sorts of shiny metallic devices – things that crush, things that spread, probes, inflatable locking devices and plenty of electrified devices. I decided to begin with my favorite item, a long slender stainless steel sound with a cord on the tail end of it, connecting to a devious little mechanical box. He winced only slightly as I lowered the probe into his urethra. “As naked and vulnerable as you may feel right now, darling boy, there’s much worse to come” I whispered in his ear.

Immediate goosebumps raced across his entire body as my fingers reached up to the control box, setting the tone to a light tingle. I’ll let him think this doesn’t have much power, let him become accustom to it, assume he can handle it, then I’ll crank it up and see what he’s made of.

He’s a cocky boy and after only a few moments of tingling, I could tell he felt impervious to my electro box. I grabbed hold of his air tube and covered the little hole as I cranked up the intensity. At first, a rush of sensation jolted through his body, all confidence he his ability withstand this torment was clearly out the window, followed by another delightful a rush of panic in running out of air in the mask.

One real shock…that’s all it took….

He began to immediately ramble on about giving up, being broken and being more than willing to tell me anything I wanted to know. He told me everything, things I had not even question him about. Names, dates, places – everything.  As he spoke, I knew my initial job was over; I had everything I needed and could technically set him free, but I couldn’t ignore the sharp pang of disappointment in his cracking so early.

“You’re pathetic!” I hissed, pressing the sharp point of my stiletto into his cock….” I know, Ma’am I know! But please, I’ll do anything, just don’t shock me again.” he whimpered.

I was not pleased, I was not amused. My company deserves a better class of informant – and he was unworthy. I shocked him again at the same intensity, watching his hands and feet flail helplessly in their bonds, then again…and again.  “I’m afraid that simply will not do! Unfortunately for you my pet, like I said, no one cares about your fate but me…no one will be checking in on us….no one will know you’ve already offered to spill your secrets. I think it’s time I go ahead with my interrogation anyway. Unfortunately for you, you’ve already given away all of your bargaining chips, you’ll just have to take everything I intend to give to you. ” I wheeled my medical cart closer to him, so he could take a look inside….


…to be continued.

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  1. When I first saw the picture all I could think was Doctor Who as the question “are you my Mummy” rolled through my mind. Clearly if you are, you’re Mommy Dearest, and your prisoner has been a very. Naughty. Boy.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

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