A Poll: Perfect dungeon location?

Having only been in Seattle for barely two years, I’m giving some serious thought about where the perfect dungeon location would be.

As much as some have loved my space now, I need something bigger and would like to consider my options. Don’t panic, I have no immediate plans to move – it’s just a thought – nothing more. ANNNND if I did move, I can assure you that it would be convenient to the highway, parking would be abundant and free and the general location would be safe and discreet and easy to get to, just as my space is now.

I am currently just about in the center of Seattle, slightly South of downtown so I do get the impression I’m fairly in the middle of where you’re all driving from. The question must be asked since spacious venues in this particular area are sparse,  I’m requesting you to vote below on what you feel the perfect location is. Please only vote if you’re currently visiting me or planning to do so in the future.

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One Thought to “A Poll: Perfect dungeon location?”

  1. Mistress victoria rage the perfect location is ….with you definitely whatever city or country, you are perfection

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