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  1. I went ahead and made a banner ad for your site to post to my blog. I love your blog, and as mine is just a start-up, I’d appreciate any assistance I can get! You’re beautiful, and so I chose a beautiful photo of you to use. I hope you like it – I will of course send you the original if you would like to use it yourself! You’ll find you ad on the right hand sidebar of my blog, under “sponsors:” http://coralarose.blogspot.com/

  2. Mistress Victoria, in general, I disagree with the banners of other sites on my blog, just the people that I love, and I appreciate that, sites, blogs that are interesting to read, and the Mistress which I would like to belong and be subjected to it.
    the banner of your WebSite and your blog is a place on my blog their personal and professional, I’ve even put a honor in a special page “coup de coeur ”
    your humble servant

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