Me and My Catsuit (Photos!!!)

Being a huge fan of Batman and a little bit of a movie whore, when Dark Knight Rises came out, I posted a few ads referencing BDSM sessions with Catwoman.  Naturally, I’ve been asked a million times if I have an actual catsuit, since the photos I posted were from a recent shoot instead of something more traditionally Catwoman-esque.

These are just some quickly snapped cell phone photos but feel free to drool over my ultra shiny outfit just the same…. Better images coming as soon as I can wrangle my photog into another day and time.



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9 Thoughts to “Me and My Catsuit (Photos!!!)”

  1. joe

    Wow all I can say is wow. Pls kick off the shoe to and the bonus

  2. polenstones

    Such an alluring lioness… beauty and power oozing out of every pore.

  3. ej smith

    hell, the photos are awesome just the way they are. no need for better. we can drool just fine now lol

  4. footdan

    Breathtaking Goddess… You never cease to amaze! Thank You for sharing.

  5. Julie Newmar would be proud.

    Stay SINful
    Mr. AP

  6. footdan

    Imagining a point of view shot… from the sole of Your foot in this suit Domina Victoria.

  7. Dave

    Exceptional,truly stunning and would leave me speechless if I was on my knees in front of you. Come to the UK!

  8. Magnificent Mistress Victoria, just perfect I love this outfit you will have delight ,very very nice pics of you Lady

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