Jason asks:

Domina Victoria, I’ve been apprehensively admiring your backpage ads for a few weeks and recently I noticed a few listings for something called sensual domination. I’m wondering how that differs from what you do. Is it all the same or is sensual domination pain-free? I’d like to see you but I’m extremely new to this type of play and I think I’d want a beginners session.



I appreciate your question! To give you the easiest answer possible, let’s simply examine the word ‘sensual’.

Sensual refers to an experience through the senses  and to the enjoyments derived from those senses. Especially from the gratification or indulgence of physical appetites.

In this light, by its very definition it is no different from what I, or any other Mistress may offer.

Everything about what we do in the S&M world is about the unabashed indulgent gratification of senses, be if physical or mental. In fact, het entire purpose is to ignite a flame of excitement and personal stimulation; to satiate a deeper hunger and quell a need on a primal level.

Some ladies have often used this term to either suggest a ‘lightened’ up version of BDSM or to describe their own personality and style in session.  Yes, of course, there are some of us who are more geared towards pleasure, some who are more strict and some who are more fun and wicked, but as far as activities go: the intensity of each act can easily (and expertly) be controlled by the individual Domina, regardless of whether she also offers more complicated and intense forms of play.

More often than not, Professional Mistresses cater to both mild and severe scenes on a very regular basis and will adjust her personality accordingly to the scene she creates.  The key to getting the type of encounter you really want, is more about you communicating your needs and selecting a Top with similar interests.

Hoping to see you (and other curious first timers) very soon!