This month has been nothing short of spectacular! Between moving into my gorgeous new home and staying incredibly busy in the dungeon having my way with you boys, I’ve barely had a free hour to simply sit in a chair and write out a little blog post!

I’ve gotten more than my fair share of ultra long multi-hour appointments and revisits from regular playmates who have finally been able to set aside some time in their schedule for a little slap and tickle!  Though, I’ll never pass up a chance to keep you on your toes and coming back for more use and abuse! Apparently that enthusiasm has inspired some of my lovely pets to post reviews of our time together to some of our lovely PNW adult hobby boards!

If you’d care to take a peek and read about what others have experienced first hand in my dungeon, go ahead and check it out! See what others are saying!

….and if you too have seen me in the past and would like to share your own experience, by all means feel free to publish your own review to any of the boards I’m affiliated with!!! (TNA, AHB, THR, TRB, TER, WWR, Max Fisch)


By Otis: TNA Board

By Terrafirma: Max Fisch

By Civ2000: TNA

By Civ2000: (Not a duplicate!) THR

By Basilqh: TNA Board

By Basilqh: (Not a duplicate!) AHB