What Every Domina Needs!!!!

I’m not sure how any Mistress can run a proper business without her own personal Mr. Fix it in her back pocket. Honestly, I’ve tried, but you can’t exactly go off calling carpenters and craftsman from the phone book when you need to repair something in a dungeon. You’ll get a lot of odd looks and uncomfortable silences when you try to delicately explain what you need.

You need a fellow kinkster who knows how to swing a hammer, hang book shelves and fix bondage furniture when it needs upkeep. It’s the only way to go!

Typically, this comes in the form of a submissive who cleans and tends to the general maintenance of a Mistress’s playspace. Now, I do have my pets that clean up here and there, but as far as actually FIXING things go – I haven’t exactly had my path littered with handy men. In fact, finding a good one is about as easy as finding a needle in a haystack. Maybe harder.

In an odd twist of events, a playmate who’s NOT exactly the servile type, came my way sporting some very deep common fetishes. Despite him being another Alpha personality we enjoyed each others company, our sarcastic back and forth as well as a common love for latex and electricity. One day I pointed out a broken bondage chair in the corner of my dungeon. Wouldn’t you know it, on his next appointment he showed up, tools in hand and fixed the broken chair like a fucking pro. He didn’t ask if I’d like him to…he just kind of did it as if it were his place to do so. l didn’t give him the satisfaction of saying I was impressed (I’m not), but he now wears the badge of being my go-to guy for when I inevitably break something. I’m not exactly gentle as you may have noticed….

Today, he took care of a problem cabinet door that I ‘accidentally’ ripped off the hinges.

It was a very satisfying sight as you can see. I’m resting comfortably in a chair, marveling at the light reflecting off  of my new catsuit while he works hard to restore my cabinet to working condition. What you can’t see is that he even completed the outfit (and my fantasy) by wearing latex overalls! I couldn’t have enjoyed that moment more if I tried. He’s like my own pervy Hank Hill! Every Mistress needs one of these 😉

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  1. boy

    well I’m glad you found your handyman hopefully my cleaning here and there is good lol

    1. Hi I wrote my own blog about this if u want too see it

  2. Hello Mistress Rage Victoiria actually every lady should have their rights subject to repair broken things “accidentally” a Good Mistress not to do it;

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