Fall is FINALLY here!!!!

I hate Summer, really I do. I know to a lot of Seattleites that comment is complete and utter blasphemy. We endure 9 months of gloom and clouds to reach those magical 3 months of warmth and sun…and yes, it pains me when those months come upon us. I am quite happy everyone else in the city is able to soak up the rays they need to get them through the sunless months ahead, but if you’ve seen my vampy complexion in person, you’d fully understand why I long for the days when cloud coverage returns and I no longer have to risk a sunburn just to run basic errands.

Fortunately for me, being shut in means extra hours in the dungeon having a blast with my favorite boys and toys until the weather takes its seasonal turn and Fall begins…which was just a few short days ago!! I’ve had an amazing time this past year, which by the way September 7th was my 2nd anniversary of practicing Domination here in Seattle! My pets and playmates were nothing short of delightful; indulging me in a myriad of creative scenes, extended capture sessions, public outings and forced bi encounters. The memories will last a lifetime for all involved!

Aside from the return of my favorite season, my Fall rituals are close at hand. Those who have seen me in years past are probably well aware of my baking streak, perhaps an odd talent for a woman like me to have but none the less I can bake like a madwoman and ALWAYS bring my goodies to the dungeon to share. I think in years past I have been personally responsible to a slight weight gain in some of my most devoted and frequent regulars, but who could say no to gingerbread cheesecake and fresh-baked chocolate cookies?

To keep warm when I’m not baking,  I also tend to keep myself cozy by wrapping up in my extensive leather and latex wardrobe and donning ultra tall boots from my ever expanding collection. Oh how I’ve missed being able to slip in to a skin-tight pair of elbow length lambskin leather gloves!


And last but not least, I’ve scheduled another shoot with the fabulous Fedora El Morro for October 31st. Yes, I know that’s a little while from now, but since most of you adore her work you can image she’s not available at the drop of a hat (and neither am I). All of my warm leather and latex gear will be featured in this long-awaited shoot to stay tuned! You won’t want to miss this!

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3 Thoughts to “Fall is FINALLY here!!!!”

  1. Christopher Chesanek

    Hi Mistress Victoria Rage! How Are You Today? I Love You Forever! You Are My True Pantyhose Queen For The Rest Of My Devoted Slave Life To You! Thank You!

  2. Oh my dear, where did you get those gloves? I am in lust!

    1. Ebay!

      I paid less than $50 including shipping, such a massive win!

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