10 comments on “Announcing My Fall Shape Up Challenge!!!

  1. Grand Mistress Victoria has you well, here is a very good idea and I fully adhere to this, but how do because I want to follow you in this adventure, and you comprendrerez difficulter well for me, my goal is not to win but to be followed by you to have the great honor of attending a few things with you despite the distance and remoteness, anyway, I’m with you wholeheartedly
    sincerely and cordially your french submissive

  2. What a wonderful way to motivate your playthings to get into shape, so they will be in better condition to play in the future!

    I will confess to you now that I have been secretly using our visits to motivate myself to push my program of self-improvement to new levels. When I lose another 25 pounds and can *run* around my fast-walking trail I have promised myself 25 hours of letting you loose upon me as my reward.

    I don’t expect this amount of progress by NYE though, but it is still a huge daily dose of motivation for me 🙂

    • That’s so exciting!

      I was thrilled to see the change in you on our last visit and I admit, I’m looking forward to seeing even more progress next week. The idea of having 25 hours to let loose on you is very motivating to *me*, I’m going to make SURE you make this goal by NYE!

  3. This is already working very effectively! I have been keeping a log of my promises for this challenge, and I just sat down to do some work, and unthinkingly *almost* broke one of the rules, but then a primal voice spoke to me and said “there will be….consequences, don’t do it, omg!”. And so now I am kicking back with a nice glass of cool crisp water instead of a soda.


    Accountability can be scary 🙂

  4. Note to self: a garlic crouton is *not* worth 50 lashes. Almost, but not quite…

    Thank you for the gentle reminder 🙂

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