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    Red face An Arresting Day

    Name: Victoria Rage & Joyfull
    Date: Late September
    Location: Seattle

    Ad title:Good Cop – Bad Cop ((Double Domme Tag Team))
    Accurate picture: Yes
    Recommend: Without hesitation


    Miss J. F., Ms. Rage, and I had been flirting back and forth for months. Threats and teasing over what could or would occur if I ever allowed them to both get their clutches on me.

    This was the thought that passed through my mind as I shifted the two bowls of roses into my left hand, freeing up the other to knock on the now familiar door of Victoria Rage.

    There was a brief yet muffled comment, followed by what I swear sounded like a giggle. Then the click clack of heels on hard wood floors, and the door opened.

    Before me stood my two favorite ladies. Victoria was donned in her classic black Domina dress. A vision in any lighting. Joyfull was wearing a full body stocking. Never could I have imagined such a thing and I grinned at my good fortune.

    And this is when the trouble began.

    You see, they were on to my tricks, and they were unimpressed. “Were these flowers meant as a bribe?”, they asked accusingly. “Did you think we’d go easer on you? Be more lenient?”

    I stammered out a response and was ordered into the bathroom to disrobe. No one said it out loud but I got the sense that if I didn’t hurry I was going to be in even more trouble than I already was. Domina has many strengths, but patience is not among them. Sure enough I was taking too long. Miss J. F. Came in and began pulling articles off of me in an effort to speed me along. The ‘Good Cop’ had been unearthed.

    She, giggled with mirth, and led me into the other room wher the ‘Bad Cop’ awaited. The order to lie down on the table was given, and having judged this to be an inappropriate time to be disagreeable, I did as instructed. Besides, I was staring at two gorgeous creatures. What could there possibly be to disagree about?

    My grin must have gotten me in trouble, because a bond fold was produced and I was now limited to my other senses. Damnit! A less agile Matt Murdock I’m not. Now I’ve been on this table before. Heck, I’ve even been strapped down to it before. But I’d swear that sounds like Saran Wrap being unrolled.

    For the remainder of the morning I was blind and bound. I lay there helpless as they switched back and forth, taking turns with the Good Cop/Bad Cop roles until the line was blurred beyond comprehension. Tortured , teased, and used mercilessly for their amusement. Instruments were wielded, devices were employed, and I loved every minute of it.

    I went golfing later that day. I would not be able to say what my score was. Nor could I recount for you the shots hit on any given hole. But the events of the day that preceded my time on the links, will be forever burned into my memory.

    It was without a doubt a dream come true!

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