Heavy Rubber: Dressing For Pleasure

There’s simply nothing more iconic in the fetish world than the sight of a skin tight latex outfit.



Whether it’s wrapped strictly around the firm body of a captivating and commanding Dominatrix  or a kinky fetishist wearing his Sunday Best: the image, the smell, even the sound of latex immediately transports me back to the dungeon.

The other day, I had a session so dedicated to the adoration of latex that it simply ignited every sense as I deliberately helped by playmate “Rubber Man” into his custom suit. Each piece, fitted perfectly against his body, restricted him in a way to make even the slightest movement incredibly difficult. I was comply captivated by the aesthetics of the session that it nearly overtook my desire to actually play. I almost wanted to stand there, transfixed, and let my eyes drink it all in.



What you can’t see is that his briefs included an insertable INFLATABLE anal probe.



Once dressed, I led him to the table, fitted with even more latex! A dark ocean of rippling black rubber covered the exam table, ready for him to lie on top so I could continue his mummification.



Finally, with him situated and relaxed, I began to close up the sides of the sheet, wrapping them around him and trying them snugly to create what I can only describe as a glorified body bag.





Those familiar with my dungeon’s medical room, will be well aware that the cart just to the side of my rubber playmate is none other than my electro interrogation cart; a nasty assemply of my most intricate and devious electrical devices.

Naturally, before he climbed into this outfit, I had him fitted with several electro pads which would connect to their corresponding boxes once he was immobilized. I’m sure you can see where I was going with this. If his delicate skin would be inaccessible to me within this stretchy prison, I would need to find a way to ‘get at him’….and I ALWAYS find a way.


A close up of my electro interrogation cart and all of it’s glorious contents.



He did survive the ordeal, though the details aren’t really meant for this particular posting. As much fun as we had, he’s also (flimsily ha!) promised he would write a small chronicle of his thoughts, something to read if you’re curious what this scenario would feel like on his side of the fence. I’ll post if and when that becomes available, however until then, Rubber Man and I truly hope you enjoyed taking a little peek into our playtime.






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4 Thoughts to “Heavy Rubber: Dressing For Pleasure”

  1. Alfred York

    Dearest Victoria Rage: Stunning, absoultely stunning!! Some day, my love, I hope to feel the kiss of your gentle whip. Al



  2. EJ Smith

    Dear Mistress, where or where did you get your outfit? would love to get one for my Wife?

    1. It’s made by a company called Winter Fetish here in Seattle!

      1. EJ Smith

        thank you. because you look soooooo damn sexy and in charge, i want to get one for xmas . thanks again.

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