After the dust settles…

I know, I know, I’m slacking in my blog duties. 

As much as I love writing, it’s more time consuming then it seems, so the moment I feel stretched a bit thin, this is the first thing to hit the back burner.Don’t take it personally my precious pets, I am just terrible at composing my thoughts into something that doesn’t reek of chaos. 

Well, catching you all up on my goings on…

As some of you already know, I had to very abruptly move studios last week. Though, I had been scouting out different spaces for quite some time,  I never seemed to find the right combination of privacy, security, space and timing. Prompted by an unfortunate event, the universe decided to cut me some slack and graced with with a new and near perfect play space. Perhaps I’ve built up enough karmic brownie points from spending years helping people explore their kinky selves, but this spot is absolutely divine and right near the previous dungeon. 

Like any prideful woman, I am tempted to brag about its size most of all. However, overall I’m much more pleased with the fact that there’s room for ALL of my equipment to be displayed with plenty of room to move about.  No items left behind in storage, no pieces being seasonally brought in and assembled – just everything out in the open where it’s most useful. Now, there’s 16 devious devices you’ll have to contend with in my sprawling space and I’ve already started setting my sights on yet another piece of equipment.

It’s been a whirlwind of unpacking, decorating and putting out all of my equipment, but now that the dust is settled I’m left smiling with the new situation. 

I’ve also been adding more and more to my collection and one recent item was gifted to me by a lovely playmate. As mentioned in a previous post, I was curious about the “Locking Anal Plug” also known as The Pear Of Anguish.


Unfortunately it just arrived today so I haven’t had a chance to break it in, but I’m sure I’ll have a review soon enough. I do have a nice extended scene coming up and I’m sure this will fit into my plans perfectly….

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One Thought to “After the dust settles…”

  1. lance

    Whatever Your doubts about Your writing, Mistress Rage, it is very clear, immediate, and interesting!
    If it is difficult, the pain is worth it. If You have not sold a compilation, were you to show it to a few publishers, I not only believe that it would get published, but that You would be pleasantly surprised at the sales, just by word of mouth, and have a very pleasant surprise if You did publicity!
    In other words, Mistress, you are a very readable writer!

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