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  1. as i finally get a good look at this device, i think it is based on medievil torture device used in not only the spanish inqusition, but in the middle ages also. no matter how many thinkgs change, the more they stay the same eh?

  2. Wow, it looks like a medieval “choking pear.” Thanks for the review; I would have expected it to have partially open settings. And the potential for pinching is kind of scary…

  3. I had the great pleasure of examining this device in person the other day. I agree with VR’s review – there are some design problems with it as it comes out-of-the-box, but they can be worked around by the skillful user. I was not in the correct mental state at the time I saw it to offer these suggestions, so here there are now that my mind is…clearer:

    – I suspect if the length from the t-bar to the beginning of the hinge portion puts the hinge inside the recipient’s interior sphincter that the device will be more workable for most, as that puts the bulk of the stretching “inside”.

    – I am concerned with the strength of the spring, you have to use a fair bit of hand strength to press it open, while trying to be fairly gentle about keeping the device in position, so you end up having to simultaneously use fine and gross motor control.

    – I think the pinching-when-closing problem can be addressed by gently rotating it as it is closing, so that interior skin bits don’t get a chance to get inside.

    – The screwheads with gunk in them – I’m thinking filling those cavities with paraffin wax or somesuch might be a good idea before each use, to reduce abrasions, and contamination of the holes (if you haven’t slapped a condom over the whole device. I’d be curious to hear how condoms survive the opening/closing action, that would help with pinching too…)

    – Preventing rust – paraffin wax might help with this as well.

    When I have some time to spare, I think I’ll spend a little time in the machine shop and see if I can come up with a far better mechanism – having seen this one in person, several designs suggest themselves to me that would be safer, have a wider range of positions, and be easier to operate.

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