Notice Of Christmas Vacation


Oh yes, I realize I’m announcing this a tad on the early side, but December is usually a hectic month for me. In between annoying co workers wearing cutsy Santa hats and having to shop endlessly for loved ones in overcrowded stores – it seems many of you naturally look to blow off a bit of steam….and so do I.

With that in mind, I’m REALLY encouraging a little forethought this time of year and recommend advanced booking this month as my agenda will be filling up quick.

I know, I know, I say that all the time, but this month in particular aside from handling an upturn in business, my personal free time will be filled with errands, shopping and holiday parties – really limiting my ability to drop everything and accommodate a last minute request.

Towards the end of the month, I will be taking a short break from the 23-26 to enjoy the season and I will be entirely unavailable for calls, texts, sessions, smoke signals and other forms of communication. Seriously….radio silence.

I anticipate being fully available all the way up the 22nd and immediately on my return on the 27th for those who like to lock in their time a few weeks in advance.


Also, for those of you participating in my Fall Fitness Challenge, please do not forget to submit your entries if you’ve reached your goal by NYE. If you reach your goal early let me know immediately and I will enter you into the raffle TWICE.  I will be doing the drawing on New Years Day so all entries must be submitted by Midnight the evening before.

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Best of luck to all of you on that!


Lastly, for you eager to please boys who’ve begun to inquire about my Christmas wants and wishes, I do have a list on Amazon that I keep frequently updated.

However,  gifts from the heart, hand made cards and other less commercial offerings are always just as touching and appreciated – though NONE of these are at all expected.

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  1. Rc

    Santa is in a wandry, the girl is frightened. But who will finish screwing the cork screw into the bottle.

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