2 comments on “The End Of Thank You Letters!

  1. Well, here’s a thank you note for *you*, Ms. Rage:

    – Thank you for your professionalism and courtesy.

    – Thank you for your intelligence, wit, skill, and never-failing kindness.

    – Thank you for not judging, but rather leaping in to incite 🙂

    – Thank you for encouraging me to open up to unsuspected and unexplored aspects of myself. The results in my personal life have been quite exceptional, as you know.

    – Thank you for teaching me the courage to communicate openly and clearly about things that are often difficult to talk about.

    – Thank you for your support in my ongoing self-improvement project.

    – Thank you, of course, for the fun and games.

    – And perhaps above most, thank you for laughing with me.

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