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I’m ever evolving my interests and offerings it seems; it keeps the creative energy flowing when I consider the expanded possibilities of just a slight change in the typical structure of a session. 

During the Winter, I’m drawn out of my dungeon play space and feel a strong pull to explore play in various locations. During a recent 4 day scene, I helped my ‘slave’ live out the fantasy of 24/7 ownership where in he was required to accompany me about town. We enjoyed meals out, shopping and visits to a hair/nail salon. Of course, we didn’t subject any innocent bystanders to our kinky back and forth – but he was given constant instruction and very rigid rules for how he had to conduct himself while with me. 

Being in the open like that made even the slightest order more urgent; should he fail at ANYTHING, he risked the immediate punishment of public humiliation…and worse, the threat of what I would do to him when we got back to my place.

Last night, at the end of our stint together, he confessed that simply being out of the dungeon made his fantasy feel more ‘real’. He truly felt he had been made a part of my world and enjoying typical activities with me in even mundane locations, made the situation vastly more exciting. I agreed whole heartedly.

For returning visitors, I will be making this an official offering. 


If you’d like to go shopping, enjoy lunch/dinner out, grab some coffee or perhaps just enjoy the sights the Seattle has to offer, I will gladly accompany you. These appointments will need to be a minimum of 2 hours long but can last up to 24 hours at the traditional tribute listed on my website. Over the next couple of days, I will be sure to add this to my website’s Fantasy Ideas page with a bit more detail.

Any questions you might have about this in the meantime, you’re welcome to send an email my way! 


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  1. Julie

    What an intriguing idea! The possibilities seem almost endless.

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