Dealing With Cancellations….

It’s no secret, I’m a one woman show.

I write my own ads, maintain my own website, participate on review boards, answer all calls and emails, prep, perform and clean up after all sessions as a solo act. It does take up an enormous amount of my time, but it’s a labor or love.

Naturally, I prefer having it be only MY spoon in the pot, but there are times when that can become a bit of a hindrance.  This month in particular, my schedule has been absolutely overwhelmed with cancellations, which is a huge set back when so much time is taken to plan individualized scenes for everyone who calls to request my time.

I mention this not to gain sympathy, but to make a point. Since I do all of this myself, when you book a session with me, I begin planning our time together. I turn others down who may want that spot  and if you’ve booked more than 3 hours, I consider myself unavailable to others the rest of the day.

If you’re not certain you’re ready to see me, please do not call and ask me to hold a time for you. You’re welcome to call or email to ask me questions but I’d strongly you prefer you wait until you’re certain you’re emotionally and physically ready for a visit before you plan one. This also goes for people who are thinking about visiting my area for work/vacation and aren’t yet sure of their schedules. Don’t ask me to ‘hold’ time for you if you have no clue when you’re actually going to be free.

Please understand that when I reserve a spot for you, I’m counting on the fact that you will be showing up. If I’ve asked you to confirm, it’s not that I have doubt in your arrival, it’s just to ensure your plans haven’t changed with the timing before I offer you my address. It’s not easy for me to fill open spots on a moments notice if someone drops off my schedule and this IS how I pay my bills. I don’t get paid to plan, chat and correspond, so please be courteous of my time before you request it.

Understandably, things happen in life… people can get sick, injured or have something come up at any time. I don’t expect this to be on the forefront of your mind when something major happens and I’m entirely sympathetic in an emergency situation.

However, when you do have a standing appointment and you know something  will be keeping you away, please let me know as soon as you can. Don’t count on letting your confirmation time expire as your way of telling me you won’t be making it.  If you cancel last minute or simply no show, don’t be surprised when I ask for a 50% deposit when you try to schedule with me again. It’s simply to make sure I’m spending my time wisely with those who actually do intend on coming in, instead of wasting it with those who just want the fantasy of knowing somewhere, there’s a Dominatrix creating a diabolical scene they’ll never actually attend: and yes, there are plenty of boys that do that.

I am quite understanding when things come up and I’m happy to have the advance notice of any changes. I can’t imagine anyone who’d look forward to calling a Dominatrix to let them know they won’t be showing up – but until we’re behind closed doors, I’m not your Dominatrix. I’m Victoria, the same friendly voice you had on the phone when you booked.


Now, to all of you who have dropped off my agenda due to the horrible cold/fly that’s going around, I truly wish you a speedy recovery!!!! This blog was not directed towards you and I’ll look forward to hearing from you again when you’re back in good form!!!!

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  1. Very well said! It`s sad you have to remind some that they need to upfront with you and not atse your time!

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