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First and foremost, I’m not sure where I found this photo today, but it’s so stunning I don’t even care that it has nothing at all to do with the rest of my post….Let’s just soak it in and enjoy the tight, shiny grab fest that is this centerfold of a picture.


Moving on, I feel as though it’s been FOREVER since I’ve been able to add a new company aside from JT’S stockroom to my list of approved sellers. I wouldn’t say I’m terribly hard to please but I can never find a retailer that carries anything unique these days. However, after stumbling across Dungeon Delights website yesterday and finding incredible, creative and inventive items, I had to give them a closer look.

It took about a day of drooling over their spanking/fucking bench and standing erector set before my willpower crumbled to a pile of rubble. My order was placed so those items should arrive within a couple of weeks! Apparently, this is a VERY responsive company that has not only returned my every email within several hours, but did me the courtesy of registering me as a wholesaler so I could reap those benefits..

I mention this for two reasons…

#1 So far I’m blown away with how this company has treated me and if you’re a regular follower of this blog, you know how I value customer service (remember that recent blast of Extreme Restraints?). If you have any kinky needs but are apprehensive about buying from some of these impersonal online markets – rest your fears. They’ve been nothing but exceptional so far and they carry so pretty irresistible items!


#2 Upon closer examination of their toys, I realize a good bit of it can be easily put together, taken down or hid with very minimal fuss. There are some of you who are fortunate enough to have a kinky home life, but having a standing dungeon in your house or bedroom might be unrealistic.  

I’d urge you to look at their stock – really look at it – because I’m thinking this will be a great place to stock up on easy to conceal furniture. 


Direct Website: http://www.dungeondelights.com/store/index.php


Annnnnd of course, I’ll let you know the moment my new toys arrive so stay tuned. I’m going to need some guinea pigs.

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