Stripped naked, strapped down & victimized…..


He knocked promptly at 2pm in eager anticipation; the pressure of his ending pushing the heavy door of my dungeon open ever so slightly, allowing the  faint glow of my interior to pour into the hallway. Delightful and welcoming as my place is, something was wrong. I have a ritual for welcoming visitors and this most certainly was not it. He didn’t get to hear the determined click of my heels as I walked across my wood floor to greet him, he didn’t get a warm hug and a smile. He was greeting only by eerie silence and my space, perfectly set for play. 

As he peered inside, a sense of panic rushed over him as he considered for a moment that something must be very wrong…was I alright? Had something happened?

I watched him from behind the long billowy curtains of my entryway, smiling to myself as he darted from room to room with an ever increasing sense of urgency at my absence.  His sense of masculine duty to ensure I was somewhere here and safe was charming, but wouldn’t save him from my plans today. Yes, something was indeed off…very off…

Before his eyes had a chance to adjust  fully to the surreal purple lights of my chamber, I snuck up behind him. In one quick gesture, my leather clad hand forcefully covered his mouth, silencing his surprise as I offered the back of his legs a firm shove. Very swiftly and effectively he was pushed off balance, falling hard to his knees. The deep pressure of my leg moved up his back, finding a place in the middle of his spine. He arched back painfully, bending his spine over my knee as I took a fist full of his hair into my hand  helping him hold this abysmal contortion.  He could feel the leather of my clothing and smell my sultry sweet perfume, but see me…know for certain it was me… not a chance.

He struggled for a moment until he realized there wasn’t just one assailant, but two, my dear and strikingly beautiful cohort Julia. Immediately, he was thrust deep into the fantasy he had told me the day we met. It was real and today was the day,  I’m sure he questioned whether or not he was ready, but it was far too late for such consideration now.


“Be silent and don’t struggle,” I hissed at him as my partner quickly covered his head in a thick cotton hood. His hands were next,  being locked behind his back with a set of thick dungeon. The weight of the irons seemed to pull him further to the floor in a more helpless pose. I dug my knee deeper into his back as she prepared him, removing his ability to defend himself and making him realize that despite his natural masculine strength, the advantage was ours. He struggled to find his place with a mix of excitement and fear, quite amusingly, he kept repeating  “I can’t believe this is happening, this is finally happening!!!!, as if it were a mantra to help him focus and relax.

Of course there’d be no such luck and within moments he begged for mercy, to be let go. “You can take anything in my wallet, just let me go!!! My watch, you  can have that too and there’s a phone in my coat pocket, just take what you want and let me go!!!! he whimpered..we laughed.

Julia drew her shears and began cutting off his clothing, snipping away at his once polished and poised look.  I pushed him forward shoving the heel of my boot deep into his back, now forcing his face to the floor. Despite his many layers, it took her only moments to shred every garment from his body, falling in tattered rags about the dungeon floor. His hood, cuffs and deep blush of embarrassment were his only adornment. He be here, kept naked until we were done with him. With any hope at all, if he gave his full cooperation, I’d allow him to go home in a pair of scrubs. He already knew he had no choice but to earn those scrubs, the only garments he came with were now confetti on our floor, what choice did he have?

“You won’t be going anywhere now my boy…” I taunted.

Each of us took an arm, lifting him like a sack of flour from the floor. He sunk deeply and nearly immediately into this reality, causing his body to react as the helpless victim that he was. We dragged him very much against his will through the main play room as he scrambled to catch his feet beneath him.

My bench, a new and potentially severe toy was ready and waiting for him, he knew his fate as he was dead lifted into position. He was to be ‘raped’ by two women, without ever having known their names or faces. To not be able to barter his way out of the situation… no protection aside from our judgment, just to be used and hopefully, set free.

I saw his excitement growing, his breath heaving and body stiffening… I whispered in his ear the one sentence I knew he desperately wanted to hear.

“Are you ready?”


… be continued.

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7 Thoughts to “Stripped naked, strapped down & victimized…..”

  1. if he’s not ready. oh well. VERY HOT scene! i’m sure dozens of guys would eagerly take his place

  2. WoW!!!! Sounds like quite the ride and thrill.

  3. Domina Victoria Rage:  What do you charge for this type of excitement?  Sounds like I would like to try this but am new at this as a virgin 73 Y.O. Male! I am married too for over 40 years to a wonderful wife but we haven`t had sex together for many years.   If that makes a difference?  How long did this session last?   Love your blogs.  Firefox69 aka Joel


    1. Joel,

      The rates for my sessions can be found here:
      Naturally, everyone is quite different so the duration of the appointment would be determined by what you were specifically looking for.

  4. Basil

    A superb piece of writing – you really managed to transport the reader into the scene!

  5. Rc

    Count me in. Can I be Chastised first.

  6. Wow. Just wow. I love the sense of power exuded by two women. The fact that a man is put in a position of helpless victim. Why on earth I like that I have no clue. But I sure do!! 😀

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