7 comments on “Part 2: Stripped naked, strapped down & victimized…..

  1. Dear Domina Victoria Rage – it is a pleasure to read Your adventures and enriches my life. I am thankful for that. Did You ever consider to write a book with all these stories? That would be great – the book could be illustrated with stylish black and white pictures of You. If i was in Seattle i would make the job for free – have a wonderful day!

  2. Made the mistake of reading this in one of the reatroom stalls. Did not know I could get so hard and excited so fast.


  3. The balance of power is shifting – old paradigms destroyed – enlightened, courageous Women are the new Masters!

  4. I absolutely love the added twist of the “fluid” in his face. Spot on fan-fucking-tastic!!

    I bet that blissed out look gave both you ladies tremendous satisfaction.

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