Week in Recap!!!

The last couple of weeks for me have just been fantastic!


I had a chance to indulge a 10 hour marathon session with one of my favorite partners in crime, Miss JF (post on that session forthcoming), as well as having a slew of other visitors new and returning to indulge a variety of pervy goodness and help me break in my new dungeon furniture!!!  Some of the vintage attire I purchased also finally arrived AND on top of all of this, I had a chance to lock a new devotee into a chastity device which he’s now been wearing almost a solid week.


Within this barrage of pleasure, a couple deviants in particular allowed me to take some photos during our play and I figure now’s a great time to share them.


#1: This fellow I’m simply going to call Mr. 99; though I’ve seen him a few times in the past, I never considered him to be a particularly intense player. We enjoyed our little kinky back and forth until he stepped away from playing for a couple months for an unrelated matter. When he came back, he had a tenacity I’ve never seen in him before – he was insatiable!!!


I decided it’d be great fun to expand on his electrical education and though my photos came out a bit more distorted than expected, you get the gist of what’s going on here.  Out of absolutely nowhere, he was able to take the full extent of what my Erostek box was able to put out, reaching level 99 on the ‘random’ setting with two pads placed directly on his cock. Good job my lovely one… good job! I had him restrained thoroughly in a plastic encasement which made such a delightful sound as he quivered and shook under the excitement of our activity. I simply can’t describe how enchanting it is to watch someone push their own limits for your mutual amusement and pleasure. It’s positively intoxicating!

securedownload (5) securedownload (4)


Playmate #2  Is a classic British spankophile who enjoys nothing more than being dressed up in fully fashioned stockings and a garter before being thrown across my lap for a lengthy hand spanking. If you read my recent spanking interview for Someone’s Gonna Get It! , you’ll know that this is one activity I’ll simply never tire of !

It’s actually a bit amusing to be seated on a modest bench with all the toys and tools of my dungeon within reach – and still – we are entirely satisfied with the simplicity and personal connection that this particular kink offers. You just can’t argue with the basics, especially with such a spankable visitor!


securedownload (3)




Playmate #3 Is my newest chastity pet!

He came to me several weeks ago and very quickly took to my style of discipline and control. Now nary a month later, he’s sporting a brand new chastity device which will serve as a continuing fixture as a demonstration of his submission. Sadly, he sent me an email this week that he got a little ‘cocky’ and managed to accidently slip out. He’s since locked himself safely back inside and has adhered to my strictly administered No Masturbation rules.

I will however, need to correct him for slipping out in the first place. Such a shame too….he nearly made it a full week without incident! Admittedly, I’m looking forward to his discipline. He is quite proud to accept my markings and wears them on his pale skin beautifully. Perhaps a few of those photos will follow!

securedownload (6)




And last but not least, I was overjoyed the other day to receive a ‘thank you’ letter that simply touched my heart. As most kinky visitors tend to send a follow up note, I don’t often make a fuss over sharing every comment with my audience. This letter in particular I felt would help ease a few nervous novices into following the curious path that leads to my doorway.


Hi Victoria-

Thank you so much for a memorable evening last night. I am still replaying the experience and mental images in my head; you truly made my life long fantasies come true and put shivers of excitement through my whole body. Having a woman as beautiful as you do what you did to me gets me so excited every time I think about it.  Everything you did is exactly what I was hoping for and you completely surpassed my expectations. I hope I did not bore you too much and that you will be up to repeating that scenario MANY times in the future with me. 🙂

I am truly grateful that our paths have crossed; I can tell you are a truly caring and genuine person. I feel really comfortable with you; my nervousness has been more about talking openly about my fetishes, turn-on’s, etc. and not knowing what to fully expect. Until now, this is not something that I have been used to doing, but glad I finally got the courage to contact you.  Now that I have fully experienced it all, all I can think about is having the opportunity to experience it again and again with you.

Would you by chance have availability EDITED
I am so glad your Grandma is doing better!

Thanks again, look forward to seeing you again soon.




Now, consider yourselves fully updated!!!!


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3 Thoughts to “Week in Recap!!!”

  1. Othello

    As one of those playmates that’s had to step away to attend to life in Mundania I really appreciate the recap of what I’m missing out on.

  2. basilqh

    You have what would be my dream job, in another life! My best wishes, as always 🙂

  3. That is a very sweet note! I am so glad that you’ve had such a wonderful time.

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