A Letter From My Punished Chastity Slave…

For the pleasure of my voyeuristic audience, I’d like to further put on display my newest chastity slave J*!

So far, he’s 21 days without orgasm and has had a few ‘glitches’ along the way, for which he was severely punished. After one such disciplinary scenes, he composed this letter which has brought a smile to my face every time I read it. I thought you might enjoy!



Ordinarily I’d like to talk about this face to face but we only have an hour tomorrow and I do want to talk about piercings.

I’ve been thinking a lot about our last session. It’s probably no surprise to you, but I hadn’t fully accepted the loss of my cock. It’s partly because the other pro domes I saw poorly prepared me for a real Mistress like yourself and partly because it’s simply a very hard thing to accept. After all I’ve had a cock pretty much my entire life.

I didn’t fully think this through, but when I thought I would be chaste for just a few weeks there was at least part of me that thought I had a cock…It was just fun and games and while you might have some control over what I could do with it, it was still mine. But when you told me that I wouldn’t be allowed to orgasm for 94+ days it really hit home. I *don’t* have a cock, I just happen to be carrying around one of your cocks. If I had a cock there is no way in hell I would leave it alone for 94+ days. But it’s your cock, and not even one of your better cocks. And if you want to keep it chaste for months you have every right to do so, it’s your’s to do with as you like.

And I have a much better sense of how wrong I was to bounce your cock in my hand while I was showering. It’s exactly as if I snuck into your drawer of dildos and started fondling one. That is so bad and I understand much better why you punished me so severely. I’m truly sorry, but very happy that I can whole-heatedly acknowledge that I’ve lost my cock.

On that note I do have bad news. I naively thought that I would be safe at work: it’s not like I was in the habit of fondling myself there after all. But headed down to the lobby in the elevator your cock started to erect and without thinking I pushed it up to try and make it less visible. I realized immediately that I had touched your property without your permission. And I have just spent two minutes with it and my balls immersed in ice cold water. I am very sorry that I failed on the very next day after our session, but I will do better.


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4 Thoughts to “A Letter From My Punished Chastity Slave…”

  1. basilqh

    Reading that sent warm delicious shivers up my spine! Kudos to your slave for sharing his thoughts, and to you M. Victoria for instilling them in him.

  2. That is a most beautiful letter, obviously written from the heart. I am impressed by his clear understanding of the entire scenario, as well as his eloquence. It also shows how talented, professional, and intense you are, as a Mistress. Bravo!

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