3 Day Weekend Notice & A Few Notes!!!

Good Evening Pets and Playmates!!


This is just a notice that I’ll be taking an extra day off this week so there will be no bookings available Sunday-Tuesday.

Of course, Wednesday-Saturday I have plenty of time left for pageantry and play so feel free to drop me a line if you’d like to get together.

Just a few little notes while I have your attention; sadly I’m backlogged on blog posts and emails so I’ll need a few more days to catch up before I get everyone responded to and crank out clever little posting here. In the meantime, I do want to ask you boys to keep your wits about you when you email me and try to rein in some of your communication… unless of course, you’re asking a question about my services or trying to book a session.

Lets save casual chats for when we see each other in person, during phone sessions, Twitter comments or for topics on review boards.

I will begin offering phone sessions starting April first, so don’t fret too much about me putting a limit to out of scene correspondence. A formal post on that soon 😉

Keep in mind that I certainly don’t dislike hearing from you, in fact I love it, but I’m not able to keep up with those who send me multiple emails a day or would like to have me review ultra long scripts or videos for things they’re not immediately trying to schedule a session for.  Nothing personal, I just have a busy life and would strongly prefer throwing my whip around or strapping into my lace up boots than slaving over email.  Though I love dressing up as a sexy secretary, I’m not the clerical type as I’m sure you can imagine.

I will also be turning off my phone and computer on my days off and will set up an automated message so you know your correspondence has been received and will be replied to during my posted available hours. This should clear up a bit of confusion for those who aren’t familiar with my odd (but plentiful) working schedule.

Lastly, I have a bit of good news to share! I’ve planned a photo shoot the first week of April with a talented new (to me) photographer!  This has been one of the projects that’s had my focus over the last few days since finding someone to work with is never an easy thing, but I know just how you boys love new and exciting images. For those in the know,  I’ll be shooting informally with Michael Rowe!  Many of you may already be aware of his work, so I’ll be very excited to see what perspective he is able to bring to *my*pervy little corner of the world! It’s fun to take a traditionally vanilla professional and apply their craft to the kinky side of things.


Now, enough typing for one day… let’s go out and enjoy the rest of the weekend!!!


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  1. Magdalene Hart

    I am anxious to see your new photos! It’s always nice to have a few ‘togs in your back pocket, so to speak!

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