3 Day Weekend Notice (Sunday-Tuesday)

Lovely Readers,

I sincerely hope you’ve all enjoyed the full spread of updates I’ve been unveiling over the last month! How could you not? It’s not everyday your Mistress showers you from every angle with various new ways to play and engage! I must say, I’m absolutely smitten by those of you who’ve taken full advantage of my phone sessions and chastity programs; keep that coming!

I’m sure you’ve noticed I’ve had my hands in a lot of projects lately and with most of my big ventures behind me, it’s time to take a break, unplug for a few days and bask in the glow of my completed to-do list.  Sunday-Tuesday I will be on a 3 day mini vacation and will be entirely unreachable.

If you’d like to schedule appointments for my return on Wednesday, you have until Saturday night to do so. After that all emails, voice mails and such will be put on the back burner while I unwind and enjoy the sun!

I intend to come back with full force next week so be ready for me!

Now, to soften the blow of my absence with a camera pic I took a few weeks back for my nylon lovers!


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