My Review Policy

Friends and Fetishists,

This blog is going to serve as a marking for my reference policy within the hobby. I know it’s not sexy, but it’s important and will be an active link on my website.


As always, I’m happy to serve as your gleaming endorsement if we’ve seen each other within the last 12 months. There are just a few little adjustments I will be making to better ensure your privacy and security.

First and foremost, please feel 100% free to use me as a reference as often as you’d like. Really, I mean that. Even if it’s been 20 times and I haven’t sessioned with you in months – go right ahead. This system is what keeps us as safe as possible and I’m here to do my part. Don’t worry one bit about ‘inconveniencing’ me, I have a smart phone I check obsessively so all responses to both you and the other provider will be prompt!

The one major change I’m implementing is that without your permission, I will not respond to random requests for verification. I don’t need a sweeping email from you, I don’t need a 15 minute phone call of justification, just a simple smoke signal to alert me as to WHO will be reaching out on your behalf. Really, a simple one liner email saying “Giselle from Backpage” will be trying to confirm me with you here soon. That’s all I require and that is just to make sure I’m only being reached by people you approve of.

Now, I really must insist that this extra little step not be looked on as a hassle. Many visitors do this whole kink thing on the side and I’m most often contact by escorts or other ladies not in my peer group that I’m unfamiliar with. I simply need to make sure my acknowledgment of our time together and positive confirmation go to the right people. If this whole thing only serves to save one playmate from the prying eyes of a nosy partner posing as a provider, it’s been worth the trouble. (and yes, that’s happened!)

One last note of caution to leave you with: Never, and I do mean NEVER, send my ‘thank you’ notes to a provider to serve as a reference. Not only will I see that as a massive violation of trust, but the inquiring provider likely will as well. Emails I write to you are for YOUR eyes only, sharing them with anyone else puts both of us at risk.

Now, off you go – the sun is shining, the day is beautiful – poon on!





Phone calls and texts reach me fastest, emails take about an hour to respond to.

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